: Ignition Coil

12-24-05, 02:55 PM
This is my first post. I have 97 Cadillac Catera, and recently join this forum to learn more about this car and it's problems. This car drain more money from my pockets in the past of five years then my wife.
About two years ago I had my driver side head replaced, camshaft sensors and plus others parts that cost me close to 9500 usd , then year later alternator , then couple months after that battery , and since then been replacing parts and I think I spend more then it's value, and I decided to depart with the car, but new problem started , just few days ago my car started to run rough, so I went to dealer to check and found number of problems O2 sensor malufunctioning, I need ignition coil and new set of wires, parts alone were close to 1000 usd.. plus labour which adds another 400 .. I have decided not let dealer do the work because I want to get rid of it quickly before it will cost me more money..I want to check that ignition coil, #1 cylinder is not working, and I check if spark will occur and it didn't is there anything I can check for that ignition coil with voltmeter and check resistance ? is ignition common failure ?


12-24-05, 09:32 PM
A induction type timing meter will tell if you have high voltage at #1 cylinder. I bought my Coil pack at O'Reillys Auto parts. $189 plus tax and wires are $159 a set also. Stealer wants $175 per side for wires and $350 for coil.
I replaced my Alternator for $159 plus tax (rebuilt bosch) the dealer wants $900!!!! The Catera will break the bank if you take it to the dealer.

12-25-05, 12:52 PM
Thanks for quick reply, and links, these prices are much better..
question regards the igintion coil.. is there possibly to fix this unit or once one of the coil is dead I need to replace it entire unit ?

12-26-05, 02:51 AM
No it is a pack. The newer Cateras have a coil at each plug which is a better design. Good luck.

12-29-05, 06:49 PM
Thanks for info..
Ok I bought new ignition coil pack. How do I access to make a swap.. Looks like the only way to access it is either from the bottom or where the wipers are.. , but had hard time removing wipers from the motor I think they siege .. any tips of removing them..