: PO153 code - check engine light on '97 cat

12-23-05, 09:36 AM
I have a 97 cat with 83,000 miles on. I replaced an oxygen sensor a few weeks ago. The car stalled 3 times on the way home from work. Then it wouldn't even start. Nothing came on. I thought is was the battery. We had to have it towed.

The mechanic disconnected the oxygen sensor, and it started. He said it needed replaced. I called and asked for an oxygen sensor. Retail $444.00, paid $333.00 with our company discount at GM auto dealership. Everything ran fine for a few weeks.
Last week, I had a flat tire, and didn't know it. I was on ice and snow and figured that was why I was having trouble driving. I drove several miles to my destination. When I was ready to leave I noticed it was flat. Now the check engine light is on. the ABS light and TC.

Do you think I hurt something driving with a flat. i am driving with the spare right now.

I went to autozone and he said
code PO153 Bank2 Sensor 1.

Is this yet another sensor or should I go back to the mechanic and have him reset?

Would fuel injector cleaner help?

Do you have any ideas to help with this?

Also, when my car was at the garage, it was parked on a slant during a rainstorm, and when we picked it up, there was several inches of water in the car. What's up with that?

I never had problems with my car with the exception that the inside dome lights only work when they want to, and the headlight symbol for high beam. I hit the dash nothing helps. I hit a bump and they come back on.

Go figure!


I love my black on black cat! I just wish it would love me!

12-23-05, 10:41 AM
OOPS! I just found out from my mechanic, I replaced the mass air flow not the oxygen sensor in my 97 catera! (10-13-05)