: Widening the Stock Wheels

12-22-05, 08:56 PM
I know a number of you guys had your wheels widened. I was hoping to get the lowdown on the process. Things I was wondering were the new width, price and time. I'm pretty excited about the Hotchkis and Ground Control products coming out. With some wider rubber and wheels, the V will be more than perfect.

Also, I got my 2nd set of stock wheels in today. So I have a set of Mille Miglias with mounted super-slick Hoosier race rubber. 245/40 18 tires with about 70% tread on them. If anyone is interested in them, email me at derbagger22@hotmail.com The wheels are virtually brand new. The combo only saw an autocross and one track day.

12-23-05, 12:41 AM
bigjim -

It take about 4-5 weeks, if I recall correctly, to finally get the wheels back from Vaughn. In my case I had the rears widened to 9.25" for wearing 275/40 rubber and am quite happy with the results.

Would I do it again? Not too sure. I'm still traction challenged much of the time, but I do like the stance using the shims (remember, you'll probably have to shim the wheels out - I *think* my shims are .2") and the fatter rubber in the rear, though subtle, does look better.

I haven't driven the V with the Hotchkiss and wider rears as I'm currently on 245/45 snow tires (Dunlop M3's) all around...can you say tail happy :highfive:

Cost - nearly $700 with freight...pretty pricey for 2 wheels :confused: But I'm an idiot, so I had 2 more done - one of which has since been destroyed :banghead:

12-23-05, 02:55 PM
I think I'm the only other one who's done this. Basically I just waited until Dreamin & Wildwhl were finished doodling and deciding, then pulled the trigger with Vaughn. Cost me $600 for two, as I recall (I'm less than an hour from Vaughn's shop, so no shipping cost).

I went 9.25" with 275/40 just like my hero. I like it lots, but mostly for the looks. In theory the setup should give me more traction but steal a bit of power (greater rotational inertia), but I'm balls-out so seldom that I don't notice either. But I be stylin', yo. :cool2:

12-23-05, 05:17 PM

Widening to 9.25" requires a 0.2" spacer... Widener and Spacer contacts are in my original thread.

Or widen to 9" and no spacer... but that doesn't seem worth it.

I definitely feel a difference in rear stick (handling) with 275s on my stock (8.5") wheels... 9.25" would be nice.

And as WW said.. it's still not enough wheel/tire for a Maggie... maybe some 315s on 11" rears :cool2:

12-23-05, 06:40 PM
So that begs the question, should I spend $1200 to widen both my street wheels and track wheels? Any yeahs or nays on this?