View Full Version : BMR Fabrication In Stock!!!!!

12-22-05, 01:06 PM
We have the BMR Anti Wheel Hop Kits as well as the Pinion Support Brace in stock and Ready to Ship.

We will have the lower trailing arms in stock and ready to go in a few more days.

http://www.premiertruckaccessories.com/cadillacctsv.html (http://www.premiertruckaccessories.com/cadillacctsv.html)

Any questions, please feel free and let me know.

12-22-05, 01:28 PM
Premier... we saw your post yesterday...

Problem #1 is your price is Exactly the same as buying from BMR... you gotta beat the MFG's price... at least an Xmas or end-of-year deal??

Problem #2 is BMR hasn't gotten the best reviews here... it's too noisy :banghead:

12-22-05, 02:05 PM
Hello Dreamin,

1. BMR has a strict pricing policy. I cant advertise for less than retail or I risk losing the line. BMR Does this so that not just any one can buy their products and sell them out of their house for nothing. It keeps integrity in the products.
2. BMR does add alittle noise, however, would you rather be hopping all over and be quiet, or planted to the ground going faster with alittle more noise.
3. PM for Special Holiday Cadillac Member Prices.


12-22-05, 05:07 PM
Retorquing the BMR kit takes most of the noise out. When I first installed I thought it was a rattle trap but after driving then tightening it up a couple times at the higher ft/lb recommended here I don't even notice it. Of course it helps having a lift to get it good and tight! Not everyone is unhappy with the BMR do a search.

12-22-05, 05:49 PM

Thank you. We have had very good luck with the BMR products.