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12-21-05, 03:56 PM
I got a problem with a local dealer and im running out of options fellas. After having my 2000 sls for 3 weeks i get into an accident that isn't my fault and take it to a dealer which is about 5 blocks up the street from me (GM Dealer) not Caddy.(Now im regretting why i didn't take it to Caddy) I Chose this location because it was close and if i need to go to pick the car up i can just walk. I bring my car in 11/9 and a couple of days later i get a rental from the persons insurance since it wasn't my fault. At the time i ask them how long it will take the things that need replacing are all comestic (hood headlight bumper) only thing mechanical is ac condensor and bumper frame was bent a little they tell me 2.5 weeks in order to complete repairs. So i call 2 weeks later they tell me it needs to go on the frame machine check back in another week and it should be finished. give it another week call up this was right before thanksgiving and they give me another excuse about how it needs to go on the machine and it should be about another week. So i decided to go up to the dealer to take a look at what work has been done and to my suprise its sitting outside collecting dust. the only thing done to the car is removal of the bumper/headlights and right fender. so i ask him why its taking so long and he gives me another excuse i forgot what but it was another lame excuse. At that point i'm getting real frustrated and i ask him exactly when i will be able to get it back and he tells me 90% sure the following friday. so the following thursday rolls around and i get a call from the rental agency saying that i have by friday to give back the car or i will be paying the day fees for it. by this time my car is still not finished and im even madder because im not going to have a car for the weekend. So i call the insurance and ask them why there taking away the rental and they tell me because there's no progress on the car. At that point i call the general manager of the dealer and body shop and ask them whats the deal and when should i be getting my car. well come to find out the person that was doing my car quit and my car just sitting there collecting dust because it had to be reassigned.So now the dealer ends up footing the bill of my rental until they finish repairs. Its now 12/21 weeks have gone by its been back and forth of them saying it will be fixed then when i call its not and still no haven't had my car for about 2 months now. I've called the general manager of the dealer not the shop got him involved but i dont know what else i can do. I DONT WANT TO DRIVE THIS DAMN NISSAN ALTIMA ANY LONGER

12-23-05, 08:38 PM
THis is why car wrecks suck. I've been hit by three people and none my fault. Luckily not in my Caddy, either. Each time the ins co has acted as if I get hit for a living or something and give me a hard time. You know those ins co commercials where that make it look like the hand of God picks your car up from the wreck site, repairs it with the waive of a hand and gives it back? That never, ever happens.

12-24-05, 10:05 AM
I had a similar experience last year when my Trailblazer got hit.
I won't bore you with the whole story, but we had a rental car for 52 days!
The lady that hit the truck, her insurance paid for it but it was an incredible waste of time and money. I regularly called about twice a week to complain about the total lack of progress, I also got very short with the insurance adjuster more than once. It was ugly, but to be fair the body shop did everything they could to make me happy and they fixed my truck beautifully.
I am very happy with their work, just the insurance company was a joke.
Some fly by night outfit in CA. I forget the name of it.