: Top Gear CTS-V Review

Caddy Man
12-20-05, 05:29 PM
After conducting a search, I found no mention of this, so I'll go ahead with my post.

Browsing on the cadillacfaq.com site, I came across this video


Sure I know the cts-v isnt the best car out there, but wow, this review just seemed completely arrogant. They were just dogging on all kinds of things, anything they could think of to put the car down. Sure the refinment isnt there like an Audi or what not, but come on. Oh and the comment about the dings expecially annoyed me, every car does that!!!! My dad had an Audi A6 (previous bodystyle) loaner car, and if it was in drive (it didnt even have to be moving) the seatbelt thing would ding CONSTANTLY. It was the most annoying thing ive ever seen in a car, I was on the verge of kicking out the dash. I mean Fords ding for thier seatbelts, but at least when they are moving they ding! Even when it beat the A4, they were just like, oh well thats nice, it still sucks. Sorry, but that review just really pissed the hell outta me, they were finding the stupidest reasons to hate on that car.

12-20-05, 06:05 PM
(ding) :wtf: I didn't even realize it made that noise until after seeing this :eek: .

12-20-05, 06:54 PM
This was posted a while back. Most people said that the English are arrogant and then trashed their feeble attempts at wiring the electronics in those fire hazards they called cars. Then they made fun of the fact that Ford owns Jaguar and Land Rover because they ran those franchises into the ground. He actually liked the car but not for the price. Can't please everyone. I had 2 Land Rovers before BMW and then Ford took over, by far the most unreliable vehicles I have ever owned. Not to mention cheap interior to boot.

12-20-05, 07:54 PM
Ya, those guys are really gay. I wanna see a review from Tiff Needles(5th gear). A brit that knows how to drive and will give his honest opinion. That guy on Top gear can suck my...:canttalk:

12-20-05, 08:27 PM
Actually - their review wasn't all that bad. The most negative things they had to comment on was the '"bong" and the "feeling of cheapness about the V."
Anybody notice they had "bongs" up their a55es and the cheapness was their attire and TV studio set? Given that, how else could they rate the V?
Just my impartial obs...:helpless:

Caddy Man
12-20-05, 08:30 PM
I honestly felt they were outright just hating on Americans, they were literally laughing at our attempt at a European type sport sedan.

Caddy Man
12-20-05, 08:30 PM
(ding) :wtf: I didn't even realize it made that noise until after seeing this :eek: .
But every car does this

12-20-05, 09:24 PM
Thanks for posting the video.

I promise each and everyone of your here:

If I ever come across the "cheeky bastard" that hosts than Euro biased show, I will bitch slap his arrogant ass.
It will be worth the disorderly person charge.
This is the same bastard that disrespected the Corvette on his show.
The same Corvette that is embarrassing European snobs all over the world right now.

I'm an American I absolutely love the 911 turbo AWD for areas that have poor weather.
I never gave any consideration that the Porsche happens to be built in Europe.

12-20-05, 09:50 PM
They didn’t have their facts straight for that review. It was entertaining, but not particularly accurate.

Cadillac didn’t start off making big cars with running boards for gangsters to stand on. In fact, Cadillac started off in 1902 making small run-about cars for the wealthy. The era of gangsters came significantly later with Prohibition (1920 to 1933). I know that’s nit-picking; quid pro quo.

I doubt that Cadillac set the price of the CTS-V at £45,000 ($79,000). I’d guess the British VAT has a lot more to do with it than the Caddy pricing committee. One wonders if the Brits paid the same price we pay here in the US (approximately £27,000) if they’d have been more forgiving about the “cheapness”. It doesn’t feel like a $79,000 car, because it’s not. Duuuuhhhh………

The mass man-made fibers he was speaking about is called leather. If man made cows, his comment would be true.

As much as I wish it were true, the CTS-V runs 0-60 in 4.6 (Caddy spec) not 4.3 seconds.

The CTS-V does in fact have an “electronic nanny” that limits top speed. That’s why he could only get it up to 163.

12-20-05, 10:09 PM
I honestly felt they were outright just hating on Americans, they were literally laughing at our attempt at a European type sport sedan.That guy is two faced because in the beginning of that same show he is as giddy as an English school girl because his Ford GT finally came in. So much for American cars going fast in a straight line and being useless for everything else.

12-21-05, 03:17 PM
But every car does this

i know. that was my point. :banghead:

12-21-05, 03:50 PM
That was a very condescending review.

I've seen it before and it get's worse every time I watch it.:mad:

I agree with him regarding the price ($70,000 plus) but that’s only an issue in Europe. I assume that’s mostly due to the “exchange rate.”

I’ve been in many types of cars including: BMW’s, Mercedes to name a few and there’s nothing that feels cheap about the CTS-V compared to those cars. But of course that’s a matter of opinion.

He also said the transmission was rubbish. I wonder if he was referring to the 1-4th gear system that’s in place to avoid the gas guzzle tax here in the US?

But his comments about “The Atlas and Ger’man’nee" was just uncalled for.

I like the fact that the S4 could not keep up with it however.:highfive:

12-22-05, 09:54 AM
Some people! I thought we just went through this! :hmm:

1. Top Gear is a riot to watch
2. Jeremy has a great sense of humor
3. He owns an American car(Ford GT40) and does not hate them
4. It trounced one of their favorite cars(the S4) with the Stig(proffessional) at the wheel to the point where he went 4 wheels of trying to keep up.
5. The V does bong all the time
6. The shifter is rubbish
7. It was designed by someone with only a ruler
8. It is a "rough hammer"
9. The V is very expensive compared to the competition in the UK as it costs around $70K US over there.
10. Cadillac does have a reputation for building an old persons car.

Basically, I think that it is an honest review that gives the car credit where it deserves it and knocks it where it falls short.

I own/have owned many of the cars that they review and would have to say that there assesments are alwys on the money. Not to mention that the show is all about getting a good laugh in the process-gotta love British comedy!

So chill, figure out how to get a pile of Top Gear episodes and watch them all for a good laugh. Then for an encore, watch 5th Gear!

THat being said, I am off to take my bonging, rough hammer, designed by a guy with only a ruler, and has a shifter that is rubbish for a morning drive. When I am done with that, I am taking my perfectly polished M car that suffers from none of these issues and short comings for a juant up the hill. You know what, love them both and bought them both...flaws and all!