: road trips in my 2001 catera sport: missing that 5th gear!

12-20-05, 03:28 PM
love the car on the road, but i'm humming along in top gear typically @ 3000rpm...a bit on the high side for true cross-country work. i wish the gearbox was a 5-speed design. a little quieter and easier on petrol consumption.


12-20-05, 05:14 PM
I agree that a five speed would do this car a lot of good along with a better motor but that is a different story. On a road trip in the Catera from cincinnati to sandusky ohio roughly 800 miles round trip I got 26 mpg and we were moving on the way back we had cruise on 85 for three straight hours that was around 3500 RMP. I typically get 14 in the city and i dont drive this car hard because it is not fast and is just my daily driver. The biggest thing that effect fuel economy is the weight rwd and the differential is a 3.9:1 so i would even say a six speed would be much better than the four speed mush box.

12-22-05, 03:11 AM
well I get really good on the interstate about 30 when on long hauls. then going back and forth to work i get about 24-25mpg but now winter is here so I get about 19-20mpg going back and forth to work. I never really notice the engine noise but I do see the rpm's are a little high.