View Full Version : CTS-V Radiator replaced

12-19-05, 06:56 PM
Here are some pictures of the job.
One shows the old radiator crimp in the leak area, one shows the new crimp. It's hard to see but if you look you can tell.
The other is the home of the radiator with no one home.

This one got the UUC shifter, a park brake adjustment, an oil change, and some other items that I have forgotten.

12-19-05, 07:03 PM
thanks man
i hope this means the new ones are coming off backorder?

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12-19-05, 07:33 PM

That 'one' looks familiar ;)

I need to get my car in there to get that radiator in. Damn the Holidays to HELL! Been too busy.

I still owe you a list BTW.


12-19-05, 08:33 PM
I am ready whenever you can get in here Chris.
I worked all day on that one.
I think we have 2 radiators left upstairs in parts but they are spoken for. One of them is yours!

James said they came off backorder but apparently there were so many ordered, now they are on backorder again! I am almost positive we'll be ordering more for any of you that need one in this area.
Is your's holding up okay Chris? I redid that seam pretty good on there so it should hold up until you can make it by.
Your bumper cover is painted and ready to be installed also.

12-20-05, 07:38 AM
For a second there, I thought those pics were of my car and radiator. ;) I dropped my V off for you guys yesterday and noticed you already had it up on a lift before I left. I guess the only other things I wanted you to look at were the squeaky front suspension bushings and rattle coming from the rear parcel shelf (loose sail panel?). You guys are the best... I really appreciate it!

The '06 STS loaner is nice... gotta love the keyless remote start!

12-20-05, 08:20 AM
When you take them apart they all look pretty much the same ;)

12-20-05, 09:10 AM
Talk about a timely photo, I just dropped mine off due to a leak yesterday. Hopefully they'll get the radiator in today. I was given a DTS for a loaner. Talk about a different ride from my V. I want an STS.

12-20-05, 10:06 AM
You should see what I am doing today!
I know this isn't a V, but it's a Cadillac.
I am sure you guys can tell what it is.

Let's just say when you have a car this low to the ground you should avoid curbs at all costs!

This repair is going to run between 3,000 and 5,000 somewhere.

12-20-05, 12:32 PM
EWILL-i was suprised to see this-i had one in a few days ago. and yes-they are still on backorder.