: Adaptor/module? available?

12-19-05, 09:00 AM
I recently installed an Alpine in-dash dvd player and lost the controls on the steering wheel. The installer didnt mention anything about it. Of course he did had to install the adaptor to make it work with the stock Bose system and the Onstar. Is there any adaptors/module out there that will restore the steering controls on my Alpine?

Also for the people here(if any) who installed a in dash dvd player, do you have to get the shifter out of the way when the monitor is going in or out? Mine does, it sucks...oh well. Also when you guys put in an aftermarker head unit, what did you guys do with the stock CD Changer? Mine no longer works and I didnt ask the installer if there was a way to still make it work with my Alpine. If not what did you guys put in that space of the CD changer if you guys took it out??

05 Cadillac Escalade
12-19-05, 10:05 AM
From what I have heard, there is a way to have the steering wheel controls work with your alpine display or any other headunit. I would take it back to the guy who did your install and ask him to connect the wires from your steering wheel controls to your alpine headunit. It shouldn't cost you anything over $100. I think you will be able to do it. Good luck.


12-19-05, 10:08 AM
When I was looking to install a new system (Kenwood) the shop told me I would need an adaptor made by Alpine to get my steering controls to work.

12-21-05, 10:00 AM
thanks, will do this friday

12-22-05, 11:47 AM
I'm having my new headunit installed with the Soundgate REMOTE3 Steering Wheel Interface. I believe on Alpine it just plugs right in on the back and then connects to the wire for steering wheel controls along with the typical 12Volt, Ignition, Ground. I'll post how it worked out for me when it is completed on Friday. So far Soundgate products seem to work better than PIE or PAC