: 2003 CTS Or 1999 CLK 320?

12-19-05, 12:03 AM
Well everyone, I think I've finally decided it times to sell the Eldorado. I've put lots of money into it and I think it will always need something. So I've decided to sell it and use that money to finance something newer.
I figure I can go as high as $21k and was trying to decide between a low mileage 2003 CTS or a 1999-2000 CLK 320.
Any major problems with the CTS? What you guys think is the better choice?

Thanks for the help.

12-19-05, 06:39 PM
Frankly the CTS will be more reliable because youll probably be able to buy a lower to very low mileage CTS for the same money youd pay for a middle mileage CLK. I would choose the CLK personally, but with the knowledge that it will probably need more maintenance overall. The nice thing is, you can get a silver one, throw AMG wheels on it and the AMG body parts and have a real slick car.

12-20-05, 01:45 AM
I seriously doubt I'd give up any N* Eldo for a CTS (excluding a V) or a CLK 320. I don't care how many parts it needs thrown at it, it's still gonna be cheaper to keep the Eldo. Not to mention quicker, roomier, and although it's subjective a nicer interior.

12-21-05, 03:51 AM
I know where ur coming from Dave, I really love my Eldo especially after all the stuff I've put into her. But it just seems she will NEVER be perfect. Something is always going on.. I take such good care of it and it just keeps sucking the life out of me. I look forward to buying one when I get older and keeping it mint forever. Until then, I think I need something newer and a little more reliable since I travel to work everyday. Thanks for your opinions.. and for not bashin' me. :thepan:

Edit : I also plan to buy an extended warranty on whatever I get, just so I can finally sleep easy.

01-01-06, 09:21 AM
The CLK youre looking at is great to have, but not to own, since its the spawn of MB's worst years. Friend of mine, a restaurant owner, bought one and hated it, partly because his dealer couldn't figure out a bunch of electrical glitches and his suspension kept making funny noises. He dumped it after less than six months. If you get a CLK, make it a 2005.

As far as the drive:
The steering is a bit numb and doesn't communicate enough information. It weighs 200lbs more than the CTS, but deals with it pretty well in corners.

The suck-level [scientific term!] of turn-of-the-century MB is downright scary.