: heater problems - linkage on right side Activator

12-18-05, 11:59 PM
Is there a GOOD diagram of the heat activators and the linkages assocated with the right side heat control? I have gone through the mannuals several times but can't find how the linkages should be attached. I found the attachment for the plastic arm but there is a steel rod that also attaches to this actuator. However I can't find where the other end of the rod is supposed to attach. A Good" picture would be a life saver.. The local GM dealer can't seem to find this rod in any of his parst listings so I jus am totally lost on this - sure hope that someone has an idea about this..

Many Thanks Doug

12-22-05, 02:50 PM
I have replaced this part and the factory manual was useless. The actuator came with a linkage part and I was able to pryout the part from the old actuator and reuse it with the new one so I did not have to know where the other side hooked up. It were'nt easy lying on your back.:)

12-22-05, 09:50 PM
Why did you have to replace the actuator? Is not working anymore? Didn't you try just re-seating it? Anyway, you have done the job already. I asked because, i thought that i need replacement for mine as well, and i found out that the actuator is actually still working and just needs to be re-seated back in it's place.

12-23-05, 10:33 PM
I replaced two. One was the temp right side actuator and the other was the mode actuator. Car was blowing cold air continuously on right side (bad in winter) and was not blowing air to feet. Units would make a clicking sound. Tried rehoming no help....

12-24-05, 01:33 AM
Clicking sounds means that the Actuators are actually running, the sound is coming from slipping gears. Did you try to replace the screws that holds the actuator in place? From my experience, the screw is not getting a good bite into the holes making it loose and so the actuators would slide off and miss the gears. I replaced the screws with a slightly bigger diameter enabling me to tighten it and hold the actuators in place. Problem solved.

12-24-05, 01:53 AM
This is good info. You may want to clarify that it is the screws holding the stepper motor to the actuator assembly that need to be replaced with larger screws. I thought about trying to fix mine but opted to replace because I did not want to do this job over later.

12-24-05, 07:47 AM
Does anyone has the photos on how to do this job that might have been taken while working or any illustration on how to get at the acuator because i have cold air on the passanger side too instead of hot.

12-24-05, 06:38 PM
It's easy to find the actuator on the passenger side. You might have to remove the plastic cover at the bottom of the glove compartment, they are being held by plastic screws that just needs a turn to get off. Anyway, once the cover is off, lie on your back and get your head under the glove compartment and look at the column side(meaning your right side). You will see a pear shaped black plastic thingy, it's the cover for the actuator. You can just pop it off and it will reveal the actuator and you will see two small screws on top and bottom. If you remove the screws and take out the actuator, see if it turns when you turn on the heater. Turn the dial of the temperature control to see if it turns after doing the adjustment. If it does, then the actuator is working. Check the gears if they are intact and not lose(which is probably not going to ever happen). Anyway, you will notice that the holes for the screws on the actuator motor is oval shaped that is why when the screws loosen, it slides off causing the gear to slip. Try re-seating the actuator first and tightening the screws and see if it gets a good bite. If not, replace it with a slightly bigger screw. It's better if the threads matches. I mean, if the thread on the original screw is coarse, then find a similar replacement, only bigger in diameter to get a better bite. I guess you know what to do next. Goodluck

12-24-05, 07:04 PM
As always...Thanks Allen i will try it out and keep everyone posted,and by the way Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones and all the members of the forum may GOD bless all (and Our cars too,hopefully) ;)

12-25-05, 01:42 AM
You're welcome, and I wish and pray the same to you and your family....and of course to everybody else out there.

02-04-06, 02:53 PM
Just went through removing the driver side actuator on my '97 Cat because of a no heat problem on that side. First try, I reseated everthing and put it back together. Worked fine for 3 cycles of the heat up and down, then the same problem returned. Took it apart again and noticed that the gear on the actuator seemed to stick out quite a bit. I used some channel locks and gave the shaft a little squeeze and it popped back into the motor about 3-4 mm. Works great now. Something else to check when you pull either side apart. I've learned a ton from this forum since I bought my Cat last September. Keep up the great sharing of information....you never know when you'll need it.