: Overheat SOLVED ! Thank You Ranger & Others

12-18-05, 10:59 PM
After driving N* 94 Concours over 100 K w/o incidents came to the situation of OVERHEAT. STOP ENGINE Suddenly Serious. 30 sec I was on side of road stopped

Became a student of the Cadillac Forums took lots of notes.

RANGER you were RIGHT ON w the plugged purge line. Mechanic put air to it and it did not want to blow. Finally came loose he could hear air coming out of the top of surge tank. Circuit was clear.

I just completed 200 miles w some hard driving and the coolant in surge tank has not budged a 1/4" . Remains full.

Thank you RANGER and all others w your willingness to share vital

It is very dangerous to be OVERHEATED and on the side of highway.

Thank you again.


12-19-05, 11:17 AM
Thanks for the feedback. Glad it was an easy fix.

12-19-05, 11:19 AM
Good for you!!!
When I first came to this Forum, I too, had an overheating problem with a '97.
Everybody on this board insisted that beyond a shadow of a doubt that i had a blown head gasket!
Come to find out, the radiator was somewhat clogged, probably with sealant supplement, but clogged nonetheless.
I try to make it a point nowdays to plead with others to try all the fixes before sinking big bucks into a new engine or head gasket job!

12-19-05, 12:57 PM
Ranger told me to check the same thing. You are talking about the small line coming out of the top of the tank and (hose) running by the power steering reservoir?