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12-17-05, 07:59 PM
My service stability system light has been coming on. Not just sometimes but all the time. I took the truck in to have it checked at the Cadillac dealer. They tell me the ABS module has failed and it will cost me $900 bucks to fix it. Damn thing is only 9,000 miles out of warranty. I contaced a non dealer mechanic to have it looked at and he tells me its a dealer only repair. What a rip off. Anybody else have any experience with this? :mad: :bighead:

12-17-05, 08:04 PM
Was the problem documented before the warranty expired?

12-17-05, 08:27 PM
No. No warning lights before the warranty expired. I've been told a lot of them have this problem but the dealer says there have been no recalls. Its an 02 EXT.

12-18-05, 08:24 AM
Anybody can replace it, your independent shop is probably scared to take it on, and rightfully so. It's a pain in the rump to say the least.

Do you have any documentation on the codes that are setting? Just curious.
The EBCM is plug and play except that the tire size must be programmed into it. It's much harder on an Escalade than on a Tahoe or a Suburban because you have traction control and stability control, which adds a lot of hardware.

12-18-05, 06:59 PM
In the 4 years I owned my GMC Z71 pickup, the only thing that failed was the ABS module. I remember the cost of the repair running about $1000, which basically paid for the extended warranty I had bought for it. Tough luck man. If I remember correctly those babies make a loud noise even when the vehicle is turned off. I unplugged my module until I could get it to the dealership to keep the motor from running the battery dead.

12-18-05, 07:14 PM
Rolex, that was a problem with the transistor that controls the pump motor.
It sticks on all the time, I did a bunch of those. The module for that one was about 700 smackers plus labor.

The Escalades have a bigger EBCM with more junk in it so I am sure it costs more.
I'd still like to know the symptoms that brought him to the shop and the stored codes if any.

12-20-05, 05:22 PM
WEll I own a automotive shop and My ABS light is on. Today I found out that MY cost is $625.00 and list is $9.25 or somewhere around there. ANd the tire size must be reprogrammed. My scanner doesn't have the ablity to do that. SO I may just take the lights out of the dash vs paying $600 bucks for it.