: cigarette lighter cover broke off on rear of console, need part #

12-17-05, 06:02 PM
Just like the subject says. My idiot friend somehow broke off the cover for the cigarette lighter on the rear of my center console. I need a part number to replace it. Thanks in advance.

12-17-05, 06:03 PM
Year is 2002.

12-19-05, 03:09 PM
Well I have an 02 also…hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you cannot just buy the door for the accessory outlet. My cousin did the exact same thing a few months ago, after a trip to the dealer to purchase the “door” I was informed that you have to buy the entire rear console to the tune of $489.00 from the dealer! Needless to say I have one “open” port and one with a door. I’ve been checking Ebay from time to time to see is someone is selling that rear portion. Most of the time they are selling the entire console (clock on back). Let me know if you find something different.


12-19-05, 04:52 PM
I sill have my cover, but its broke off also. I sometimes would sit it on there and it would stay a couple days, until someone got in and knocked it off.

What do you guys think about me super-gluing it on there and just losing the 2nd cigarette lighter. Think that would be tacky (no pun intended). Or is it worse to have the other one sitting out?