: Typical NOOB questions...

12-16-05, 11:17 PM
I've searched through several (12+ pages) of these posts and haven't found what I'm looking for, so I'm posting it here. I am wondering about rebuilding the N* out of my '95 Caddy Eldo ETC. I've done this with several other engines in my past (mostly Ford's and 4bangers) and was able to squeeze out some extra HP (boring block, bumping up compression, etc.). A buddy of mine that runs a 4banger turbo shop says that the N*'s can't be rebuilt, that they are "throw away blocks." Is there any truth to this?

12-17-05, 01:20 AM
NS's are disposable engines unfortunately yes. Im still not sure why they did this, prolly cause how advanced it is for its time. Just think our 95 NS cars have more than most new american cars and cheap imports (sub 30k range)

12-17-05, 01:25 AM
you can alway port polish and hone the heads and this will give you some more hp. best and easiest way to get more hp is an exhaust.

12-17-05, 02:19 AM
The northstar can be rebuilt provided you have a supplier to souce new, oversized crank and rod bearing from, and a good machine shop that can refinish the crank journals. As far as the cylinder walls go, all they really need is a good hone, if that. Most still have the cross hatching in them even after 150-200k miles.

Like I said, it can be done, but it's really hard to find a shop that will do it, let alone a shop that will do it well.

If the Northstar wasn't rebuildable, how would companies like Jasper make a living selling them. If you can find the parts and shop to do it, it can be done.

12-17-05, 10:45 AM
Danbuc is right. Parts are expensive and not easy to find. The engine can be rebuilt just like any other new engine. Thin cyl liners limit boring to one small overbore. Not worth it for power. If the parts were priced like small block Chevy's we'd all be rebuilding em. The good thing is they don't need to be rebuilt that often!

This was talked about greatly about a year ago. I think botboy was part of it and he's selling his project now.