: Losing Coolant & Radiator Leakage

12-16-05, 10:33 AM
Had read a few posts on here regarding this problem. Specifically the seal they mentioned being the culprit. 94 Eldo, y code. Had a problem recently with my remote start unit/starter. Tore it down to do the starter, wound up being a resistor in the remote system. Didn't find this out for a number of weeks, so my Eldo sat dormant. I drained and refilled the rad while I was bolting everything back together and went with the Dex which had already been used for a good 4 years. I had experienced a moderate leak in the summer, lost about 1 gal over a week. Refilled and used Bars-Leaks and the problem went away. Now that she's back after sitting for a month, I have the leak again, but an EXTREME leak. It basically pours out of the top corner of the rad by the battery. There are a few small pinhole leaks in the fins, but that's not the main problem. Also, even with the coolant topped off, she runs hot (210-216). Could this be a problem due to the radiator not being able to hold pressure because of the leak? Could a moderate overheating condition be due to a water pump beginning to fail? Should I plan on replacing rad core AND pump (along with the hoses) or is there something else to look for? Could the PRESTONE SEALER I used this most recent time to try and stop the leak have messed with the pump/water passages? HELP ME!!! She's at 160k and although i'm looking for a truck to daily drive, I'll never lose my Eldo.:banghead:

12-16-05, 12:34 PM
Sounds like you need to replace the radiator but, do not be concerened about the temp. 210-216 is perfectly normal. My '97 Deville ran 206 in the summer and 213 in the winter. The cooling fans do not even turn on til 224. You are right were you should be.

12-17-05, 05:14 PM
Thanks, actually I had sealed everything and not really done a thorough inspection of the system afterwards (at least not at temperature). Seems as if I actually did fix the leak from the top of the rad, but there is a nice thin STREAM coming from one of the heater hoses inbetween the strut tower and block that's really hard to see while the engine is running. It was spraying right into the belt and being vaporized and thrown all over (including ONTO that bit of the radiator that HAD been leaking). I happened to catch it while parked halfway to work at a donut shop, looked under the car and saw that the leak was far aft of the radiator. I stuck my head in there and located this leak. This weekend I'm tearing her apart and I'm going to replace all the hoses (long overdue anyway) but I could really use the time & money much more effectively in other ways.. so if the rad's sealed I'll stick with it.

Thanks again for the advice.