: Kooks Headers to be shipped on Monday

12-16-05, 01:10 AM
At long last, :D I finally took the plunge and ordered a set of headers from Kooks. These will be 1 7/8 not 1 3/4 because I plan on AFR heads and a much higher lift cam in the spring. George at Kooks gave me the choice and they will be the same diameter that Aaron Lephart has. A 3" collector will connect directly to lead pipes containing high flow cats. The whole system was designed to bolt directly to the Corsa Exhaust which I have. Some modification to the pipes have been made to eliminate the need for new MSD plug wires. Thanks for being the guinea pig on this one Aaron!! :banghead: The O2 bungs and extensions come with the headers. I have decided to pass on the Jet-Hot coating for now and will see if there is a heat issue this summer. George at Kooks tells me that some super stainless steel gaskets will be shipped as soon as they come in next week. This gasket problem was a major concern of mine since we all know how much trouble everyone had with their B&B headers. I have already talked to Phil at "DTE" and he will install the headers along with my UUC shifter. They will also dyno and re-tune the engine again. I hope to share fitment and dyno results with everyone before the new year. I mentioned to Kooks again that they should become a Supporting Vendor on this Forum!!! :yup:

12-16-05, 06:29 AM
Allright Steve. I knew you would get er done. Can't wait to see your results. :thumbsup:

12-16-05, 09:58 AM

WTG! Maybe next OH get together we can listen to your new setup.


12-16-05, 08:03 PM
Price??? :hide: