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40 Acres
12-16-05, 12:14 AM
When my nav CD is the unit. My wife still had problems entering the destination. Is this something that cannot be done while travling?

12-16-05, 07:24 AM
check out this link:
same problem with solution

12-17-05, 03:32 AM
go to your local shop and they can install u a switch that allows you to do that. since it's illegal to mess w/ your nav while driving, there nav automatically shuts you out when you driving. I installed an aftermarket kit and got a switch that allows me to listen, touch, anything I want while driving.

40 Acres
12-17-05, 04:48 AM
when you say local shop.....do you mean dealer or what type of shop?

05 Cadillac Escalade
12-17-05, 08:30 AM
I will also do that. Thanks for helping out. I hated having to pull over and enter in a destination. I will ask the dealer about installing a switch so I can use my navigation while driving.


12-17-05, 12:51 PM
when you say local shop.....do you mean dealer or what type of shop?
any stereo shop will be able to do that easily. Iono if your dealer would do it, since it was restricted in the first place. if your ride is 03+, they can put the switch next to your onstar, right into that blank square. my ride is only 02, so i got the switch under my steering wheel.