: Selling the rims, any forum members interested?

12-15-05, 08:32 PM

I'll sell them for $1800 shipped off of eBay to any forum member. They have some VERY small cracks on the inside lips that can be fixed by most wheel shops for about ~150 a wheel (one has already been fixed, 3 need to be fixed).

I have a gotten a quote of $1400 to replace all 4 inside lips with brand new parts. $50 a wheel can get the rims painted to any color you want, $100 a wheel can get the two gunmetal wheels chromed (so all 4 wheels match).

12-16-05, 12:30 AM
i'm interested, send me some pics to alcast082@msn.com
I see that you listed them for 1800, How are the tires????
Also it sounds that they are in pretty bad shape, give me the lowest price you'll take and i'll think about it

12-16-05, 02:22 PM
They aren't in bad shape cosmetically, I just wanted to list them honestly. I will be home Monday and will take close up pics of each rim then, if anyone is interested email me. Rims only, by the way.

12-17-05, 08:21 PM
My auction ends in 20hrs, just wanting someone to PM me an offer so I can get these off my hands. I can have close up pics of the rims for you on Monday. Just PM me if you're interested so I can email some pics out to you on Monday.

Accepting any reasonable offers to move these rims.

Lord Cadillac
12-17-05, 08:27 PM
Please add this to our classified section. We generally don't allow things for sale inside the forums...