: Comparing my V to a Peugeot

12-15-05, 04:20 PM
My wife and I just got back from 2 weeks in Europe. We drove 2000 miles around Germany, France and Austria. We had a Peugeot 407 with the 2.0L turbo diesel and 6sp manual. A whopping 135hp, but 240ft-lb of torque. Top speed reached was 131.1mph (downhill), published top speed is 129.2mph. There were many times when I wish I had my V. Not so much for the top speed, but for the ability to actually reach a decent speed. (The Peugeot took forever to go from 105mph to 120....usually longer than I could give it because of traffic). But we got 33mpg averaging 80mph according to the computer, which is nice when fuel is $4.90 a gallon. The biggest waste of fuel is trying to reach speeds over 100mph without much horsepower. But if I can go as fast as I want, by God, I'm going to try to!

I will say that our car's manual and clutch are a pain compared the Peugeot. I had no trouble shifting smoothly in the Peugeot, and downshifting is easy: change gears, let clutch out smoothly. Don't need to rev match (can't anyway since the engine revs so slow). It made me feel like I could actually drive a manual well (my V is my 1st manual car). Even my wife (who doesn't drive a manual) had no trouble with it. She has lots of trouble with the V, and the loud clunking scares her (and me sometimes).

Driving my V to work today I felt like a dork. I kept on clunking and spun the tires backing out of the garage (:shocked2:- grabby clutch). Plus, the 36 degree weather and rain were pretty scary with the GSD3s. But hooray to having power again! And I like the feel of the V's shifter now. The Peugeot's felt like it would snap (but it did go into 1st gear EVERY time when stopped, unlike the V's). But I like having great brakes and firm suspension again. And a decent stereo.

Final rant: One think that really irks me about the V is the lack of auto wipers which my STS had. Now, even the Peugeot has them. I mean come on...how can a French car have them and a Cadillac doesn't?

Anyway, I'm done rambling. Must be the jet lag.

12-15-05, 07:24 PM
I just rented a Mercedes 220 CDI for a weekend round trip out of Italy, through Switzerland, and into Germany. These European pieces of crap don't hold a candle to the V's! We paid $50k for our cars new and you can't touch it!

That Mercedes would be $50k USD new and it had something like 140hp and 360lbt. Fabric seats, no seat heaters, no NAV.. It was quiet but who cares! I wanted and bought a high performance luxury sedan. High perfomance + low $ = noise.