: What is the point of wheel locks???

12-15-05, 02:54 AM
I just saw this on another forum and I'm thinking to myself... what is the point of having wheel locks if people have this?


They would just destroy your wheel locks and steal your wheels. Anyone think the same?

12-15-05, 06:54 AM
The reason toolmakers make those is because... and I know this may come as a shock to you.... but some owners can't seem to keep track of their lug lock KEYS.
Now granted sometimes it's some grease monkey's fault because they can't put stuff back where they find it, but sometimes the owner just doesn't know.
Either way sometimes it becomes necessary for us to remove the locks with no key and in that instance you'd best thank your lucky stars that something like that exists.
Finally, always remember that having the locks will probably deter 80% of criminals from being able to get your wheels off, the other 20% are going to get them off no matter what you do... they'll steal the whole car if they want them bad enough. But 80% is still pretty good odds.

BTW, snap on and other toolmakers also make a whole kit that has about 10 tools in it to remove various kinds of wheel lock lugs.
Those left twist sockets are kind of new within the last 5 years or so.
I hadn't seen one that large before.

12-15-05, 07:19 AM
As said above, people lose their wheel locks and you need tools like the one you show in the link, at our shops we would have to cut locks off wheels many times a week, we tools like in your link we could remove locks without damage or very little damage to the wheels. People that are locksmiths can open any lock you have on your front door without a key, some of these tools can be used for both good and bad purposes, you just hope for more good than bad.

12-15-05, 10:44 AM
why lock our doors when there's slim jims and screwdrivers out there? same thing.

12-15-05, 01:36 PM
THE WHOLE PRURPOSE of those is usually in most all cases those have to be hammered over the lug nut they are trying to remove. in turn that makes some racket so that will let you hear that someones screwing around with your ride, and that way you can get a really CLEAR SHOT AT THEM\:hmm: when you pop a cap on their punk ass.

12-15-05, 01:46 PM
I took my wife lexus in for new tire and she did not know what she did with the key for it and the tire shop just pounded a regular socket on to the lug and spun it right off! I guess the only way to protect is have a good alarm with vibration sensor.