: I give up - OnStar from steering wheel controls

12-15-05, 02:17 AM
OK, I'm pretty good at following directions and did RTFM. Here's what the owner's manual says about using the steering wheel control to activate OnStar: "Press the control on the steering wheel to place a phone call. When calling in to voice mail systems, or to dial directory numbers, press the control and say the number(s), then say dial."

When I press the control, the system beeps and I start speaking the numbers. The system beeps again before I'm finished and says "showing golf course icons." When I say "dial" first, it tells me what help is available for the entire voice recognition system.

So how do you use the steering wheel control to interact with OnStar?

12-15-05, 06:57 AM
It sounds to me like you are talking to the navigation system, not OnStar.
Have you ever had the radio replaced in this car?
They may not have set it up properly so that the buttons work the they are supposed to.
Otherwise that might be tied into your navigation VR, for the time being just use the leftmost button on the rear view mirror to access voice commands for OnStar.

12-15-05, 07:01 AM
The Navigation System's voice recognition allows for hands-free operation of navigation and audio system features. The voice recognition can be used when the ignition is in accessory or ON, or when Retained Accessory Power (RAP) is active.

The system will only recognize commands spoken in English.

This feature only works if the map DVD is inserted and the AGREE button has been pressed. If you try to use voice recognition without having the map DVD inserted, the system will display on the screen "Please insert the navigation map DVD to use the voice recognition feature."

To use navigation voice recognition, do the following:

FIGURE Talk Symbol(c)

Press the steering wheel control with the talk symbol and release it when you hear a beep. The audio system, if on, will mute.

State one of the commands listed on the following pages clearly, for example, "FM1."
The system will tell you the command being implemented. For example, the system will say "FM1 Radio" and change the audio system to the FM1 source.
You can end voice recognition by not speaking any commands. After approximately five seconds of silence, the system will automatically cancel voice recognition.

Sometimes, the system may not understand a spoken command. If this happens, try again. If a spoken command is not available, the system will provide feedback based on availability.

While using voice recognition, noise levels within the interior of the vehicle need to be kept to a minimum. If noises are not kept to a minimum, the system might not recognize voice commands. For example, If you are driving on the expressway with the windows down or the sunroof open, the wind noise may be too loud for the system to understand your voice command. Make sure to keep interior noise levels to a minimum while using voice recognition.

Actually now that I look at the supplement, it may be that if you have VR navigation you can't use that button for OnStar. The car thinks you want to use the Nav system and doesn't understand your number commands.
The base radio system uses that talk button as an input to activate the hands free calling feature of OnStar. I think with the system you have that you'll have to use the button on the mirror to activate it.

12-15-05, 11:37 AM
Until OnStar:

1) Goes totally digital; 2) provides a number keypad; 3) charges reasonable rates;

I will continue to leave my OnStar lapsed and unusable.