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12-12-05, 09:15 PM
Does anyone know and have any information on the location of the factory sub & amp in a 2005 Escalade? I know that the sub is in the center console, but is the amp in the center console as well? Sorry if this is a repeat post but I couldnt find any info

12-13-05, 07:16 AM
It is buried under the center console.
You have to take the console out and then remove a few other items to gain access to the factory amp.
It's not really that hard, it just takes a while to get it out.

12-13-05, 05:23 PM
Im just curious I am wanting to attempt to put a JLAudio stealth box im my center console. I know that JL says it wont fit, but I honestly cannot see why it wouldnt if it will fit in a tahoe & yukon. I already have the JL amp from a previous installation in another car so really all i need is the stealthbox. I was just curious as to maybe if the factory sub amp was the reason why but on the other hand the tahoe with bose system has the factory sub amp as well?? I called JL and they said that it was bc of the six disc on the denali & escalade but I dont see it that way bc the tahoes and yuk's have the GMC pocket which i would place in the dischanger spot if i attempt this anyways.

Does anyone else have any ideas or experiences on this??
JL Audio says that anything is possible...

12-14-05, 04:12 PM
I would tap the sub line in the console with RCA line converters then run to the amp then to the subs if that's what the amp is for.

Don't mess with the bose components unless you want to replace the whole system.

All the speakers are crossed out except for the sub and they are all powered by their own amp if the 05 is like the 99.

Do a search with my "hilldo" name and there is a long explanation of this task from about 8 or 10 months ago.

12-14-05, 04:47 PM
Im not wanting to use my factory amp for the stealthbox, I have a JL amp that would run it. Im basically just wondering why JL Audio claims that the stealthbox will not work in a escalade or denali but it will in a tahoe or yukon & if anyone else has attempted to install the steathbox in thier escalade.