: Tweeter Pod Pics----For WildWhl

12-12-05, 07:41 PM

These are the pics of the factory tweeter in the pod, the tweeter removed, and the JL Audio tweeter installed. The only thing not seen are the 2 strips of Dynomat I used to hold the tweeter to the pod. It will also seal the edges of the tweeter to the pod so the only directional sound you get out of them is through the front part of the pod. Very easy to do. Hope this helps.


12-12-05, 07:43 PM
So is the tweeter mounted from the rear of the A-pillar?

12-12-05, 07:44 PM
Yes, fires right through the factory pod. You would never no it's not factory.


12-12-05, 07:52 PM
i'll hack the install up i bet, you know duct tape and caulk :p

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12-12-05, 08:07 PM
In the past I have just used hot glue to hold tweeters in odd positions; plan on doing the same once I get around to installing the Image Dynamics CXS64 components I just picked up.

12-12-05, 08:27 PM
Hot glue won't make it in the Texas heat. Been there done that.


12-12-05, 09:33 PM
Thanks Shane - appreciate it.

Which JL tweets are those?

Remind me - you're running cleansweep and biamping the fronts - or using a JL passive crossover?


12-12-05, 10:16 PM

I'm actually running the components (JL XR650CSi's) up front and a set of the (VR525CXi) in the the rear doors. Still working on my amp rack but I've got all the JL's playing on the factory Bose amp and it sounds 100% better right now. Waiting for the Clean Sweep II to come out around March so I won't have to use the sweep's volume knob like version I. Going to use the outputs out of the Bose amp for the inputs of my JL amps until the new Sweep is available. Everything is coming along really well right now. The hardest part so far was dismantling the rear seat to get to the frame so I could paint it. If you ever dismantle everything back there you will see all the bare metal that's rusting back there. Couldn't have that. Sanded and now painted flat black. Car is almost all wired now and just have to do a little more deadening under the rear deck before I mount the amp rack up there. Pic from a few days ago.


12-12-05, 10:28 PM
>2 strips of Dynomat I used to hold the tweeter to the pod....

Nice job, i would prefer to use the clear silicone. I'm glad it worked out for you..... How does it sound?

12-12-05, 10:53 PM
How did you get the panels off?