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12-12-05, 07:31 PM
My '04V with a little over 16,000 miles has recently developed a whine/drone sound which appears to come from the front end of the car. It is intermittent, but is noticeable when idling and becomes louder under acceleration. The somewhat high pitched whine changes to a deeper drone sound when the wheels are turned, whether moving or stationary. I plan to take it to the dealer, but would appreciate any ideas about what could be causing it, so I can help the service department locate the problem. Thanks.:hmm:

12-12-05, 07:33 PM
power steering pump? check the fluid...

12-12-05, 08:09 PM
TSB for the water pump.. I had mine fixed and it went away... check the faq, print and take to your dealer.

There is also a notice on the FAQ about a harmonic from a heater hose... That may be it too.


12-12-05, 08:10 PM
Thanks, Keeksv, the power steering fluid is definitely low, no visible leak, but I think you nailed the problem. I guess there must be a leak somewhere.

12-12-05, 08:10 PM
Its intermittent because it only happens when the car warmes up (194 ish) and the T-stat opens...


12-12-05, 08:22 PM
Thanks, Reed,

I'll take the water pump TSB with me to the dealership just in case. The whine happens when the car is cold, also, so hopefully it's a simple power steering leak.

12-12-05, 08:40 PM
My baby howls at just under 3K in 4th,5th,and 6th. Only when the temp is above 190degs. My dealer has the parts waiting for me...TSB for WaterPump and Thermostat. I was hoping it was the rear, but I'll just have to wait a little longer.

Ryan's '05-V
12-12-05, 10:12 PM
I had this problem and the water pump seemed to fix the problem until my car heated up and I still notice the whine from the rear. I guess I will wait for the rear to die. They claimed it was my exhaust but of course the dlr didn't put in on the RO to accelerate in 5th at 64mph. They also added added 1000 miles on the RO than what my car really has. These are more examples of how they keep screwing up somehow. I have never seen any dealer repeatedly mess up like this one. I'm done there unless I have to return since they are local.
Good luck but it still may be your rear.