: UUC question.....

12-12-05, 07:20 PM
I received my UUC shifter today thanks to James at Lindsay.... since I really am not familiar with this shifters durability or as a matter of fact any shifter mechanism's or durability.... at the bottom of this new UUC short shifter where you would re-attach the shift linkage one sidewall of shifter bottom is much thinner then the other sides seems around a 1/32" of material before the outer edge of the bearing housing starts. Is this normal and if so how much force is applied to that side wall where the material is so thin? Hope that makes sense.............


Just curious ...can't wait to get it installed.....


12-12-05, 07:37 PM
My bad for the above question .....that particular sidewall in question is only that thin where the bearings are recessed in......sorry

But anyway can't wait to try it.

12-12-05, 07:45 PM
You're going to love the difference over the seriously lacking factory shifter.

12-12-05, 07:48 PM
Redline, where are you located in CT, and where do you plan on getting your UCC installed? I want to do a shifter but don't know of any shops reputable enough to do it. Thanks in advance.

12-12-05, 07:51 PM
You should try installing it yourself. If you have jack stands, a jack, and some simple hand tools the install is a piece of cake. Almost as easy as installing an intake. I never wrenched my own car before installing my B&M SS and it was very straightforward. Save some coin to put towards your next mod :yup:

12-12-05, 07:57 PM

I live in Torrington and have will have my UUC installed at Capuano Cadillac also located in Torrington .....so far no complaints except who they use for a towing service. Long story though ....bad experience. Service is friendly and except for the StealthV's custom tune have installed any of my mods without question. I buy the mods bring it in and they install.

12-12-05, 08:36 PM
The front edge is thinner so that you can't install it wrong.
Maybe that's what you are talking about. Not sure from your description.
On the bottom there is an arrow that says "front". That should be what you consider to be the thin side.
The factory shifter is symmetrical I think and can be installed backwards but then the shift knob looks pretty funny when you install it.
If you don't have some good hand tools and lots of patience it would be worth your while to have it done. You might end up messing up your interior or something.
You have to get under the car for some stuff but it can be done mostly from above without much trouble. Me and James are still debating over which way is faster. Two of you need to schedule appointments so we can settle it once and for all!
J/K...... sort of. ;)

12-12-05, 08:43 PM
Nice....Torrington isn't that far from me, I live in New Milford. If you would, PM me after the install and let me know how they did. Also, try to find out the name of the tech who does it. Thanks!

12-12-05, 08:48 PM

There is no arrow on the bottom of my shifter that says front. But what I am talking about is if you hold the shifter in front of you looking at the bottom of the shifter thru the hole directly at the bearing,the bearing is yes centered with the shaft but one sidewall in which the bearing is recessed into in relation to to the other has a much thinner wall. I hope that explains it a little better.

12-12-05, 09:13 PM
I think it's what I said above.
If you look over the papers that come with the shifter you'll see a photo that explains it. I thought I remembered it being printed on the UUC shifter but maybe I was just seeing things.
Basically when you do it you'll see why. It's just so you can't put it in backwards, believe me it's plenty strong to do what it needs to do.
You can move the shift arm by hand from underneath but it's a lot easier with the shift lever.

12-12-05, 11:39 PM

12-12-05, 11:42 PM
If you look closely at the bottom of the UUC shifter, you'll see one end is slightly rounded whereas the other end is squared. The squared end is to the front.

:eek: (If you put it in backwards, just shift with your left hand.) :alchi: