: Help! Anyone know anything about a ALPINE IVA-D300?

12-11-05, 09:37 PM
today i was watching a dvd fine, then switched to a different dvd, all of sudden there it wont play it. i hear the audio but there is no video, well i mean the screen is lit up with text but the movie is not playing. I dont know if i hit some button or what? I dont want to take it back down to Bass Zone on lake st in minneapolis, it has already been in there like 3 times, and those guys are a bunch of F ups. Anyone have any advice? It has a button i flip with the brake on then release to make it play, maybe something is wrong with that switch? I dont know.

12-11-05, 10:45 PM
Maybe youre on the wrong source? Do you have a video switcher with multiple monitor setup?

12-24-05, 02:34 AM
there is a video source output section. U may have set it to another source or off.
Go through the main menu to find it!
good luck

12-24-05, 09:09 AM
I remember when I had my CVA-1005 that there was a button to push that would cut off the picture and would just allow it to play sound. i think it was for when U wanted the people on other monitors (connected to unit) to still watch DVD and U could use the Navi. Just read the manual it should tell u in there. Plus allot of other things that unit can do....

12-25-05, 04:25 PM
Does the unit still allow you to change the volume level and respond to user inputs on the remote and/or faceplate? Also, where is your control module (brain) mounted?

12-31-05, 12:44 AM
Off the main menu got to 'V sel'
then pick normal and MAKE SURE the off button has been toggled off. Even if u select a different video soure, if the off is depressed, it'll over ride the screen completly!!