: McNevin Cadillac, Berkeley CA - Great Experience

12-11-05, 08:43 PM
Just purchased an Escalade. Used Edmunds.com to research prices and get several dealer quotes. Several dealers responded with a "sale" price which they just included the current $4500 rebate. So actually, they are selling to me at MSRP and assuming I'm too stupid to notice.

Scott Thompson @ McNevin responded with a warm email and within the fair market price listed on Edmund before any rebates. He made the whole process very easy and comfortable. I have purchased many vehicles in the past and this must be the easiest purchase so far.

What I don't get is why dealers even bother emailing a quote back which is obviously higher than invoice or at msrp. Especially, the fact that I'm inquiring prices from a website which tells customers what they should be paying for a fair price.

12-12-05, 06:56 AM
Glad to hear they took care of you. I almost got a job there!
I didn't want to have to drive down to Berkeley though, so I drove up to Vallejo to work at Team Chevrolet. I think they just bought out Bill Lang up there (at least that's what I heard was going to happen, don't hold me to it).

Enjoy your ride!