: CD changer problems

12-11-05, 08:15 PM
i got rearended the yesterday, not very hard, no damage, but now my cd changer wont register that there are cds in it and wont give me my cds back. when u side open the little door, it makes a noise like its trying, but with no success. can i just take it to best buy or something? Please help, cant stand listening to the radio!

12-12-05, 06:58 AM
You could take it out and go to your dealer, tell them to send it to an authorized Delco repair facility. They should be able to quote you a price for repair or exchange. (maybe you could get a price over the phone).
Best Buy is going to try to sell you an aftermarket unit that may not work the way you want it to.

12-12-05, 05:04 PM
OK. I admit I'm reachin' here!! Try taking the changer out, shake the s*&t out of it with the changer facing all directions. Then, tell it you're sorry and gently turn the change over and over in all directions. plug it in when it's in the proper attitude. See if the cartridge will now come up. The impact probably shook the loaded cd out of the spindle and jammed the loading gate. I'd take it apart for ya :lildevil:. But I'm in Ontario.:D Wha'da'ya got to loose.

12-12-05, 10:35 PM
i actually tried that, it was the first thing i did. (im a little impatient) I'll try taking it appart. Any advice on what not to do while im destroying it?

12-13-05, 12:51 PM
Hey Newbee! Way ta go! Ya want tips on what to do, here ya go.
Hopefully you have a digital camera, to take pictures of how it came apart.
Work on the unit where ther are bare floors (no rugs) so if ya drop a part or if one goes flying off somewhere, you can find it. I've have to side scan the floor a FEW time with a strong flashlight to find small parts like springs and screws.
Sometimes the manufacturer identifies which screws to remove to gain accress by stamping an arrow next to the screws.
Once the cover is off, check that all the other trays of the cartridge are in the fully retracted position
You should be able to gently push the tray that was in play back into the cartridge. Trip the catch that holds the cartridge locked in and gently push the cartridge up. Let me know now how it's going. :suspense: "I'm here till Sunday". "Thank you. thank you very much!"

12-14-05, 11:32 AM
Hey Newbee! How are you making out?

12-15-05, 11:08 PM
i havent started yet. i will probably do it over the weekend. too busy.

03-03-06, 08:45 PM
Trip the catch that holds the cartridge locked in and gently push the cartridge up. Let me know now how it's going. "I'm here till Sunday". "Thank you. thank you very much!"

I had mine apart, but I couldn't for the life of me find the "Catch" to trip to release the cartridge. I had the whole thing apart. All the trays are in their locations, but there is still a CD in the player part. I can't get the CD to push back into the cartridge that has retracted into the magazine. I just want to get the magazine out. Anyone help me on where this Catch is? I have check all over the net for instructions.

03-09-06, 10:02 PM
shoot it. :thumbsup:

it will be the death of you. haha.
I sure wish I had a CD changer tho.. and a cupholder.. and a HVAC that lit up. and a door hinge stopper thing.

but i love the car :werd: never would give it up.

i wonder what is keeping the magazine from coming out though. If you find out post it, seems interesting that you can disassemble the whole thing, and still not get the magazine out?

03-19-06, 03:14 PM
Thanks for all your help...but....I've decided to just smash it, get my CDs, and buy a deck. Will my kickass BOSE speakers work with a new deck? Or is there a deck that will? I really dont want to have to buy all new speakers. There's....like....9 of em isnt there?