: 2000 Seville SLS

12-11-05, 08:06 PM
I just posted a question and thought I should introduce my self.
I Got my 2000 SLS a couple of months ago after agonizing and debating about what to do with my 1990 Seville.
I loved my 90 but at 210,000 it had seen better days. It still ran like top and rode like a, well like a Cadillac, but the interior was way gone. Cracks in both the passenger and drivers lower seats. Cracks in the drivers back. Large crack in the center arm rest. Cracks in the door arm rests. it just looked bad and it didn't make me feel good driving it. Besides that the electrical was driving me nuts. Only two windows would go down, the door locks would only occasionally work from the lock switch. etc, etc, etc.....The outside, bright white, still looked great.
I thought about dropping about 4 to 5,000 in it and getting it all spruced up but then I realized that it would still only be worth 2,000 tops. I thought "hey, in 10 years it will be a classic and I can get big bucks", but that's only true for 1959's and the old Baritz(sp). Everything else is not worth anything at 200,000 miles.
So I decided to get a 2000 or 2001 STS. I scheduled a day to go look at a couple on the other side of town (North East Atlanta, I'm in North West). While I was setting up a drive route I found this 2000 SLS advertised for "way cheap". I figured that it was probably junk and that I would be wasting my time even looking at it. But then decided "what the heck, it's on the way".
Well, I bought it. After looking at it all over the place, driving it a bunch and listening for anything (I've been messing with cars for years, so I kind of know what to look for), I could not pass it up.
It is verrrrry quite compared to the 90. It is also monster fast compared to the 90. But the 90 will run circles around the 00 in a slalom (not that we do that much slalom racing in a Caddy). The 90 felt like a sports car compared to the 00.
Now I'm wondering how to make this thing feel a little more nimble.
My first Caddy was an Eldorado. I think it was a 67. It had a 462 ci monster under the hood. What a cool car!!!!!
Anyhow this seems to be a very informative forum. I thought I was the only Caddy owner who played with his car, but I see I'm very wrong.

12-12-05, 05:13 PM
:welcome: to the forum!

12-12-05, 05:23 PM
Interesting, I've also heard that the 90-91 Sevilles handle really good in comparison to the more contemporary models.

12-12-05, 07:33 PM
In 1990 I had a 1987 Mustang 5.0. When I took it to the dealer with my list just before the 50,000 mile mark, I wanted to rent something really nice to drive while the car was in the shop.
I rented a black Seville. I had it two weeks and fell in love with it. Especially how it would go into a corner and hold it. So when the Stang got to about 110,000 I bought a used 1990 Seville.
When going into a corner, if I needed to go to lock all I had to do was spin the steering wheel. If I try to spin the wheel on the 2000 it just says NO. The 2000 also seems to have a slower rate from steering wheel turns to front tire rotation. I'm sure I'll get use to it though.
The 2000 is very nice as far as road noise, stereo quality, ride and power.

12-15-05, 01:09 AM