: New 06 V owner in Lansing, MI.!

12-11-05, 05:31 PM

Been lurking on the site for the past month or so. Thought today was a good day to "come out of the closet" so to speak!

I'm 58 yrs old and semi-retired. Been a car/motorcycle nut my whole life. Had 36 new cars over the years, plenty of play cars and 16 new motorcycles. For the past 20 years I've always had a play car in addition to my daily driver. Those included a 69 Nova SS396, 69 Chevelle SS396, 64 Corvette, new 98 Corvette, new 2000 Prowler, and a new 04 Z-06. I decided this fall to sell the Z. Sold that easily and then started the thought process.

I figured why not sell my daily driver (2000 Monte Carlo SS) and just replace it with a "4-dr vette". I took out an 04 V demo in 04 and loved the car. Really no contest as to the vehicle I wanted. Got a hold of Capitol Cadillac here in Lansing and ordered me up one! Never had any desire for a black. Didn't care for the gray or red, which left the silver. That's what I ordered. Black interior, RSA's and the Sachs shocks. From time of order to delivery, 19 days! Of course delivery time was rather short. The assembly plant is three miles from the dealership.

I tracked my Z several times at Gingerman Road course located in South Haven, MI. A great 2.2 mile rolling course. GM uses it often for testing, including the new Z-06. Great place. I had the F1's on the Z and liked them a lot, HOWEVER, I knew going in that they would not work in Michigan winters. Didn't want to do two sets of wheels and tires right off the bat, hence the RSA's. I know cars and I know handling. Tires are always a compromise. Want grip and handling, softer compound, less wear. Want all weather use and increased mileage, give up some grip in the dry.

I picked up the car on Friday. Eight inches of fresh snow overnight! Lovely. $1500 incentive on the car at this time. $1000.00 rebate and $500.00 holiday cash. My brother-in-law is retired GM so I also had the GMS discount. I had called Rick at StealthV and had my cags eliminator ready and waiting when the car got here. The dealership installed it for me before I took delivery. Works great! Thanks Rick!

Left the dealership and drove around a 100 miles in the local area. Slush, and also some snow covered side roads. Impression: I gave up some traction obviously from my FWD Monte. However, the V works quite well in the snow with the RSA's. That was my only concern. Now that I know that, it's no longer an issue. I may, at some point get an extra set of wheels and tires for track days. Time will tell. Just depends on how serious I get with this car. Will I run the car at Gingerman this summer? Absloutely.:thumbsup:


12-11-05, 05:57 PM

I had A K100RS when they first came out.

Anyway, you know your ALREADY DOOMED.

Modded the car before you took delivery huh?:lildevil:

12-12-05, 12:08 AM
Grats Dick, sounds like a nice setup! I have a couple quick questions for you, toss me an email at tracerhawk@aol.com please!

Thanks, grats again on the new car!

12-12-05, 09:21 AM
Congrats!! Your RS-A's are run flats, is that correct?

12-12-05, 09:30 AM

12-12-05, 09:41 AM
Congrats!! Your RS-A's are run flats, is that correct?


I sure wish the 06's would show up here in PA. I am dying to drive one.

12-12-05, 09:53 AM
This thread caught my eye. I grew up in Lansing. :coffee: Damn it can get cold there!! My father still lives there though and I am trying to get him to buy an 06 v. Be carefull out there on those roads with all that hp!!