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12-10-05, 11:24 PM
Trying to decide between the V6 and V8.

Seems like the V8 adds
1) Wood trim/home remote/tire monitor etc
2) Seating package (heated power seats, etc)
3) 18" tires
4) Xenon lamps
5) limited slip
6) bose

Pricing similar setups (with NAV) makes it look like the V8 is $4500 more.

What's wierd is that the V8 comes with the bose standard. Is that the 6disc changer standard? But then to add nav to either the V6 or V8 is the same $1995. Seems wrong since the V8 would already have the bose?

I'd like the V8 but don't really need it. V6 appears to offer slightly better mileage and acceptable performance. I really do NOT want the wood trim. I'd rather have black roof rails then chrome.

I do need to tow a 3000lb boat/trailer.

Does the utility package include the actual hitch mount? The dealer catalog makes it seem like it doesn't and that it's another option. Edmunds says hitch in the utility package.

For someone that's driven both, how would you compare
1) Launching from a standstill
2) Highway passing
3) Engine sound when pressing the engine hard

Other Questions:
1) Are people running regular gas in either engine?
2) How does the V6 do at towing? and towing at highway speeds? Is it reving high?
3) I see traction control and limited slip diffs available. Is traction control enough to help at a slippery ramp?
4) Does the transmission have or need an overdrive lockout?
5) What type of plug comes with the utlity trailering kit? That standard 4 wire plug? My trailer has disc surge brakes so I have a 5 wire plug that taps into the reverse light.

12-12-05, 11:44 AM
I cannot help with the trailering/hitch info. Regarding the V8 vs. V6, the sound of the V8 at full throttle is akin to a high performance motor from standstill. The entire front end raises the shocks to full travel and the vehicle accelerates quickly. The salesman indicated that I would be just as happy with a V6, however I am thrilled with the V8. Expressway merging is never a problem with the Northstar. As much power as you need is immediately at hand. Passing on two lanes is fast and efficient, with speedlimits being exceeded by 30-40 mph the biggest caution/concern. The Xenon headlights are wonderful and I will likely attempt to have them in every vehicle I drive from this point forward. Night driving with these headlamps is vastly improved for my eyes. The breadth of beamed view easily iluminates the sides of the roadway and makes deer sighting a higher percentage. I do not care for heated seats but the Mrs. really likes them. The Bose is a good solid system, however it does not compare with my Klipsh home stereo speakers. I like the wood trim and especially the stearing wheel, so our tastes differ there. I only burn 87 octane fuel. The vehicle is very driver friendly in snowy conditions. The stabilitrak and AWD are very secure and stable.

12-12-05, 08:33 PM
Thanks. I finally figured out the V6 vs V8 Nav thing. I missed the edmunds comment saying that the bose option also needs to be checked off. I was thrown off since they mentioned the bose in the nav part.

That basically means the difference between similar V6 and V8s is less than $4000.

I'll probably go V8. I'm sure it will be that much easier to tow the boat at highway speeds.

12-17-05, 10:54 PM
Towing package does not include hitch... from the sound of your trailer braking system the factory hitch is probably not big enough for you (1 1/4" receiver)... search "trailer hitches" in this forum and you'll find other answers...

The "Trailering Package" does include an easy way to tap into the lights (pop the connectors and add the "T" cable, also not included!) but the connector is there. Some discussion here about add'l cooling considerations but I don't recall ever reading what it was (I have the trailering package but haven't got my hitch installed yet, and my boat is lightweight.)

V6 vs V8? I haven't driven the V6, but I can tell you the V8 is a kick in the ass, and comments about being 30-40 over the speed limit when passing on a two lane road are quite accurate. You have a 5 sp tranny that redlines in 3rd somewhere around 90, so you get the idea <laughing>...


12-18-05, 12:51 AM
I will comment about the passing power of the V8. It's amazing, regardless of your current speed. In our recent roadtrip, we had to drive a lot of two-lane roads, and you'd frequently get behind slowpokes. You just push the gas pedal, and whoooshh, the power is just there. One time me and another car were behind a slow guy, and I kept wondering why the car in front of me just didn't pass the other guy. I ended up passing both of them -- and then about a 1/2 mile down the road, the guy who had been in front of me also passed the slow car, but waited until he was on a decline in order to work up the necessary power. The fuel penalty with the V8 vs. the V6 is small enough that I don't see the reason to go with the V6, if you can swing the extra purchase price.

c5 rv
12-18-05, 09:35 PM
Between test drives and loaners, I've driven V6 RWD, V6 AWD, and V8 AWD models. The 3.6 engine is great in my CTS, but it's just not quite enough for me in the SRX, especially with AWD or for towing. The V8 feels heavier in the front end, but the smooth power application makes up for it. If Cadillac comes out with a 300 HP 3.6, that might change my mind.

12-19-05, 06:02 PM
I'd really like an SRX-V with 400 hp! :)