View Full Version : Anybody want to buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum V6?

12-10-05, 10:02 PM
My dad rebuilds cars and we've got a 2005 dodge magnum V6 for sale. The accident wasn't fatal, but was some work, it is a VERY VERY tough car!!!! Parts replaced are as follows; Right front suspension, right front fender, both right side door skins, front bumper, rad support, headlights, driver airbag, right rocker panel, air cleaner box, and plastic covers in engine compartment. Parts that were fixed are as follows; right rear quarter panel, hood, rear bumper, driver side fender, and right side wheels have been professionally refinished. Car was fully detailed, inspections are done, wheel allignment is done, no shakes, does not pull, no vibrating, nothing. Drives ABSOLUTLEY FLAWLESS and has LOTS of power. We have a very good reputation and all repaires are lifetime garaunteed!!!! You can have your personal mechanic look at the vehicle if you like. We do all makes and models of vehicles. My cadillac is also a rebuild.

Asking $18,800 obo.
Car is located in BC canada, Port Coquitlam. Please phone my father @ (604) 773-9031.
I will post some pictures tomorrow.

12-10-05, 10:52 PM
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