: new 94 eldorado owner

03-08-03, 01:16 AM
hi all
got my first caddy.
94 eldorado coupe
picked up car in fl. and drove almost 1400 miles
tolal 20 hours on the road
had oil change when i picked up the car
was told had a bad oil leak
i was using 10/30 oil
use 1qt of oil at over night stop
big spot under car in morning
used very little while running
about 1/2 qt over all
but does smoke heavily under the hood
finely got car up and cleaned underneath
bottom of car has coating oil all the way to the rear bumper
postive oil pan leak, all bolts tight
sepage between block and pan
would thicker oil help
can oil pan gasket be replaced in car
any tricks to this job

i like this car plenty of power
great looking body and design
ride and handles like sports car
very stylish package

03-08-03, 04:23 PM
Does it burn oil when you are driving it???

As for the burning under the hood, it sounds like the either the case half is leaking so bad that when it gets hot is is smoking. The case half is notorious for leaking. The valve cover gasket may need replacing also. Another possibility is that there is lots of carbon in the engine, and the easiest way to clean it out is to push it hard. Could you be a little more specific on where this is coming from and stuff like that???

Great choice, send us some pics.

03-08-03, 05:59 PM
I'd rather be leaking than burning, that's for sure.

03-08-03, 06:07 PM
the smoke under the hood could be oil hitting a manifold due to a leaky valve cover gasket. as for it leaving puddles....i would change the oilpan gasket and see if that doesn't fix it

i like this thing :banana:

03-09-03, 01:34 AM
when the engine is running you can see it seeping out of
the pan, block, area
have not seen it leaking anywhere else
when you drive the car oil is blow onto the exhaust
and it smokes
looks like a major job to change gasket
can it be done in car

03-09-03, 09:06 AM
I think that the case half repair can be done in car. The valve cover gasket may be able to be done in the car also, but im not sure. The case half repair isnt too bad of a job if you have some know-how and a service manual.

03-09-03, 04:24 PM
The case half seal can be done with the engine in the car, but then you have to take the transmission and engine cradle out. I think you'd be better off taking the engine out & doing the case half seal on an engine stand. At least then you can turn the thing over and not work overhead.

03-09-03, 04:39 PM
Whoops - I meant to add this link to my previous reply. Shows a great photo essay of the repair done in the car:


03-12-03, 02:30 AM
thanks for the link
looks hard but possible

03-12-03, 12:21 PM
Kind of a big job.... Not really all that hard. It sounds like you do have a lower case half leak. The problem is common in Northstar engines. Try running the oil about a quart low till you can fix it. There's plenty of oil in there and you won't hurt the engine by doing this and it should help the "at rest" oil leakage problem. If you're gonna try to change the pan gasket the engine is going to probably have to come out anyway so you might as well do the lower case half at that time. Then you can forget about it!