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12-09-05, 04:27 PM
Hi all-

I know many people are looking for snow tire suggestions, and I figured I'd give you my opinions of these all-season tires.

I decided to go the all-season route as I didn't want to pony up the dough for another set of wheels. Dry traction on a scale of 1 to 10 is probably around an 8. It's definitely not as good as the F1's, but unless you're driving pretty aggressively, you probably won't even notice.

I'd give the snow traction a 9 out of 10. We had a really good snow out here in IL yesterday and a couple of other snow storms before, so I've had the opportunity to drive in some "relatively" deep (6") snow. The tires have very good bite, and I was even able to plow my way through all the snow piled up around my car without the traction control cycling.

As far as driving the V in snow goes in general, I'd have to say that the car is a little "squirrelly." I drove a M3 sedan before and the M3 seemed to be a little easier to drive in the snow and had a lesser tendenancy to fish tail. It's managable in the V, but just not as stable, in my opinion anyway.

So if you want to go the all season route, these ExtremeContacts are pretty nice. Not much road noise, either. Overall, a good choice.

12-09-05, 05:14 PM
Thanks for your review. I also am in the same frame of mind. I wanted to go the all season route and the contiextreems seemed like a good choice. I ordered them from my local shop. They were supposed to go on today, but I got snow today and the F1's are totally useless in the snow. I do drive spirited sometimes and I probably will notice the change in handling. But these F1's are noisy, kinda harsh, but very,very grippy. So I will get them placed tomorrow and will give a report after a few break in miles.

12-09-05, 05:27 PM
wonder how much that lower air dam works like a "snow plow" in 6" :p
the highway dept should hire you :D

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12-09-05, 06:32 PM
How are the Michelin Pilot A/S tires? Anyone?

12-11-05, 12:41 PM
I picked up the car yesterday and due to a mixup by the shop, they only had two Contiextreme’s for me. I chose to have the rears replaced now as the F1’s were bald. Only put about 50 miles on them while running errands and going home. Local NYC driving (potholes, ruts) highway driving (parkway and superslab) , northern suburb (smooth streets but with varying snow conditions, from clear to about 3-5 inches of packed snow), and a burnout in a blacktop parking lot at the end on the trip.

I know the tires are new and their characteristics are going to change. For one, new tires are always more slick and need a few miles to get scuffed up for improved traction. Note I am also comparing them to worn F1’s not new ones. This however wasn’t a problem right from the start. These tires handle better than the F1’s in the rear in the wet as well as the dry. They didn’t break loose with the equal application of throttle on the wet, and dry from what I remember just prior to the F1’s coming off.. This may be due the F1’s being just horrible once the temperatures dip. The rears didn’t break loose and seemed very stable. Even through the snow. I purposely stopped on snow to evaluate their characteristics. With the TC on, not a problem at all. They just went, like the car was meant to be in the snow. I am impressed. The limiting factor may be the front air dam, but I am no concerned as I was with the F1’s when there was reports of rain or snow.

Ride characteristics are greatly improved. There is no jarring when going over bumps, ruts and very irregular pavement. Before, going over these same areas would produce a bang, bang as the front and rear bounced off the ruts. Now only the initial bump is heard. The rear is silent. At speed the rear is quieter than the F1’s on superslab. Much quieter. On the twisties of the parkway, I didn’t notice any more roll as people have said you would as compared to the F1’s, but that may be due to me not getting ballistic, but spirited and that I still have the front F1’s.

Report for the obligatory burnout. I just had to do it. This was at about 50 miles, on cold dry tar, in competition mode tires warm. My first attempt just produced a very good hard launch with little to no wheel spin. I usually feather the clutch and have never been able to do a clutch dump because the banging and noise coming from the rear made me scarred something was going to come though the floorboard. Second attempt was a slight feather with a dump. The car took off , rear cut loose at the dump and continued forward without bang or hop and got just a bit sideways. I thought to myself, could possibly just do a clutch dump? I brought the rpm’s to 3k, dumped the clutch and floored the throttle. Nothing but smoke, engine roaring, and hitting the rev limiter within a second or two. No banging, no discernable skipping, and the car doesn’t feel like it’s going to break. This should be able to satisfy the boy racers who want to be more show than go and keep the diff’s and shafts from breaking.

Overall, very happy and enthused and much more content with the car now. I am not John Force, Mario Andretti, or Buddy Rice, I would rather be slapping gears with Danika Patrick. For my needs as a daily driver in an urban northeast area, this tire suits me well, and is a good setup as it gives a “luxury” ride as the other high power saloons provide.