View Full Version : Best years for Cadillac?

12-09-05, 02:09 PM
What do you think were the best years for Cadillac in terms of design?

1959- I may not like them, but everyone else does.
1964- last year for fins, great linear design
1970- looks very powerful, and subtly aggressive
1976- last year for the elephantine Cadillacs, very dignified looking
1983- all cars except for Cimarron look awesome, clean, elegant designs
1992- great looking deville/fleetwood, great new STS, last year for classic design Brougham
1996- last year of The FWB, everything else looks clean cut and dignified

12-09-05, 05:48 PM
1959 - Those tail fins are fantastic
1979 - Not sure why, seems to be the best time for Cadillac
1992 - New Seville, new Eldorado
1993 - New RWD FWB (did they know they'd only make this car for three years?) Also last of the baby Devilles and Coupes.
1999 Last of the winged tail lights on Sedan Devilles

AND ALSO 2005!!

Its Cadillacs best year for a long time

12-13-05, 11:57 PM
'59 Eldorado
'89 Fleetwood
'00+ Deville
(Most models 1976, 1979 & 2005+)