: Love this vehicle

12-09-05, 11:38 AM
8" of snow last night. Just a couple hunderd miles shy of 15,000 on the odometer. Second winter driving this vehicle. Acitvated the stability system 5 times this morning on the way to work and the antilock brakes twice.

Every time I "get to drive this vehicle" (wife's car), I just love it more. It is truly a dream to drive. Although a new H3 is apealling and the new Solstice has a certain allure, I have simply never driven a more utilitarian vehicle that is both effective in the winter and fun (320hp Northstar) in the summer. It has contemporary styling, luxury for four adults, can haul the groceries, dog and a christmas tree. It is the best "all around" vehicle I have ever owned.

I love this vehicle.:thumbsup:


12-09-05, 04:05 PM
We love our 2004 V8 AWD. Great in the snow and the dry, looks great, and a nice interior. We have had minimal problems with our 4/2004 build SRX. I just wish there was more in the way of aftermarket items for it. I did the full interior wood dash/door package, some stainless trim pieces on the outside and a volant intake. I think I am going to buy the OE rims just chromed and swap out the stock rims for a little extra bling. :thumbsup: