: radio questions

12-09-05, 10:31 AM
I have a 2004 Saab 93 aero much more advance in everyway then my 2004 SRX, on my Bose radio on the SRX the song and artist does'nt come up or staty up for a long time. It only shows the title of the song when I change the Channel. Is there something I can do to change it.The SAAb has 12 computers and every menu you can think of to changeall the options. I miss the auto wippers, fob controled windows, moon roof, and more and the Caddy was 10k more 2004 SRX V8.Help anyone.

12-09-05, 11:41 AM
The radio not being able to display the artist/song is the $64,000 dollar question around here. I'm tried everything except calling the dealer for advice. My '03 Avalanche has this feature so its got to be on a SRX.

If I need any future service I'll ask the dealer while I'm there and post any solutions if they have one.


01-25-06, 10:23 PM
I asked my saleman today. I got it where I have t opush the clock i infromation button. I programed this button for instant axcess on the lcd screen. My salesman is still checking on it. GM and that damn clock.

01-31-06, 01:30 PM
There are several choices for the configurable keys (the rocker type that are on the left and right side of the radio). The symbol you want for the XM Radio is a Clock Symbol with a slash and then the letter i. You can then toggle between the time, station and XM info.
Configurable Radio Display Keys
This feature allows you to customize the four keys that are located on each side of the radio display to make it easier to adjust the radio features and other non-radio related features are also available for customization.
To program the configurable radio display keys, perform the following steps:
1. Press the TUNE/SEL knob to enter the main menu.
2. Turn the TUNE/SEL knob until SETUP appears on the display.
3. Press the TUNE/SEL knob to enter into SETUP.
4. Turn the TUNE/SEL knob until CONFIGURE DISPLAY KEYS appears on the display.
5. Press the TUNE/SEL knob to enter into CONFIGURE DISPLAY KEYS.
6. Turn the TUNE/SEL knob to select which of the four configurable keys you would like to change. The currently assigned feature will be shown.
7. Press the TUNE/SEL knob to select the configurable key to change.
8. Turn the TUNE/SEL knob to find the feature that you would like to store to the key.
9. Press the TUNE/SEL knob when you have found the feature to be stored. The display will update, by showing the symbol of the feature that you selected next to the configurable key.
10. Repeat the previous steps for each configurable key.
Once a feature is programmed to a key, the feature will not appear on the display when programming the remaining configurable keys. The configurable keys can be changed at any time.