: Thank God

12-09-05, 08:58 AM
I don't make many posts, but I read almost every day. I posted a while back about a winter car and got lots of great feedback. I ended up finding a 97 Wrangler sport with 109000 miles. I have had three other Jeeps with that engine so I know the thing is bullit proof. It runs like a champ. I finally took the V for storage last weekend. I live in the Chicago area and took it over the border to Wisconsin to store. I didn't know they had 4 inches. The V is worse in snow than my old C5. Last night we had a storm that backed things up. It took me 2:45 for a normal :35 ride. Thank god the V is stored away. Best $5100 (Jeep) I have ever spent.

12-09-05, 10:15 AM
I have a Wrangler myself, although it's just an extra vehicle for weekend cruises etc. My FTS is snug as a bug in a rug in my storage garage along side my wife's play car (a restored Lincoln LSC Limited Edition). Are the 'V's really that bad in the snow? I had a Pontiac Formula a few years ago and it was actually pretty good in the snow (even with the HO engine) thanks to it being a stick. Those cars are terrible as automatics in the snow though.

12-09-05, 11:20 AM
Katshot, I also had a Pontiac Formula(1994) but an automatic. Great car but I would put it and the V in the same catagory...do not, repeat, do not drive in snow. I just put the V into temporary storage until the snow is gone, we just had 8" last night in Indianapolis. I also just took delivery of a new Subaru Imprezza all wheel drive on Wed. good timing eh?

12-09-05, 12:00 PM
You got that right!
I agree the automatics were/are TERRIBLE in the snow but I was amazed how different the manual version was. Mine was a '92 and I drove it through two snowy winters here in the northeast with no problems unless the snow was REAL deep.