: Another Thumbs up to Chesrown Cadillac

12-09-05, 05:09 AM
Had the V into Chesrown last week for a couple things. One was that my 2 month old replacement Nav system had buttons peeling AGAIN, and the rearend was starting to whine noticeably, especially at 40-50 mph in 4th-6th. They scheduled it in Tuesday evening, as they thought the Nav would be here by then, and also Wednesday the Caddy rep would be in and could listen to the rear whine. Picked the car back up last night. Not only did they replace the Nav, and get the rearend replacement authorized, but they already had an '06 rearend in stock for a replacement in Nick's car, so they swapped that right in for me and re-ordered one for Nick's car. Customer service....HELL YES! :) And yes, its the new unit. # 15793756.

Thanks Chad, George, and especially Nick for waiting for a new unit, so I could get my ride back. :)

BTW, I saw a black '05 V on the lot used, and they have a red '06 in the showroom if anyone is looking.


12-09-05, 06:20 PM
I'm looking for a red one.

Stop it, you've already had two.

Bite me! I want a red one!

You don't need a red one!

I never said need, I said want!

Why is it that you always get what you want?

Listen, I work damned hard for my money and if I want to blow $50K on a car than so-freaking-be-it!

This isn't about how hard you work and of course you deserve it but why get another one just to change color?

You're right. How about I just get a magna charger and keep the Platinum one? That way it feels new at a tenth of the price. Whatya think?


The trap was set, no way out. Poor thing. She never saw it coming.

This dramatization brought to by the makers of Thunderbird fortified fine wines. Thunderbird, that's the word! :alchi:

12-09-05, 06:33 PM
haha.lol :p

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12-09-05, 10:33 PM
I haven't heard that in a long time. THUNDERBIRD!!!!!!:alchi: