: 2000 Lade DRL's

12-08-05, 02:32 PM
Does anybody here know if the 2000 Lade uses the low beams or the high beams for the DRL's? I'm thinking of upgrading my headlights to HID and was told the DRL's wouldn't be a problem if my Lade used the high beam bulbs for the DRL's. Thanks.

12-09-05, 01:16 AM
the DRL's use the low beams.

12-09-05, 05:56 AM
:annoyed: Swell, that's what I thought. I guess I could crawl under the dash and disconnect them?? That should aleviate the problem...I hope!

12-09-05, 09:03 PM
you might be able to pull the DRL relay or you might have to re wire the drl relay like i did to stop the power to the DRL'sif you want to look @how i did it on my catera if you need help to do so i can help just e-mail me @ kevin.schaffer@dm.af.mil this is where the relay went this is where i relocated so i have total control over them. so try to find the relayi had to do this so i could retain the use of my high beams with out the relay the high beams wouldent work http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c387/revin24/P3282692.jpgIMG] http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c387/revin24/P3282693.jpg

12-09-05, 09:29 PM
thats way more complicated than it has to be for the 99-00 Escalades. search on this site for the write up about disableing the DRL's and auto-headlights. you only have to remove a small module from under the steering column for the DRL's.

12-12-05, 01:20 PM
If you want to disable the DRLs all you have to do is pull the fuse. It is in the fuse box on the end of the driver-side dash.