View Full Version : R&T test new Shelby GT500 Vert

12-08-05, 06:50 AM
One of the guys on another forum I'm on said he got the new R&T and they tested the new Shelby GT500 Vert and this was all he said

Price: $40k
475 hp
Weight: Over 4000 lbs
1/4: 12.9

So it should be interesting to see what the real world times would be and then there's also the coupe. Supposedly the coupe ran a 11.9 while it was in its prototype stages

12-08-05, 11:42 AM
I should hope it'll run better than a 12.9!!!

12-08-05, 11:51 AM
I should hope it'll run better than a 12.9!!!I'm sure for real world testing you will see 12.6's I would think. But at the sametime it won't take much money or time at all to get those things into the 11's. Hell a pulley, headers, and a exhaust will probably get you there with ease. Then you add in a CAI, maybe some juice, some nicer tires and you might be breathing on 10's in a Vert! But the one thing the guy didnt say is as to which rear the Vert had. because you can get a solid rear axle or a IRS but he didn't make mention as to which one the Vert had