: I have faith in Cadillac and it's leadership!!!!!

12-07-05, 10:25 PM
The STS-V has been creating a small stir around here lately, and I'm going to assume as sales continue, the STS-V forum will look a little like the CTS-V forum. A lot of people aren't pleased with the performance of the STS-V against its competitors. I myself have agreed several times it's a poor competitor to the AMG and the M.

However, I realized something today. Cadillac has done something extraordinary in the past few years, when you step back and take a look. You at Cadillac have managed to completely re-image yourselves, and for that I applaud. You're building high-quality vehicles. You're building RWD vehicles. You've got a brand new target market that seems to think your vehicles are pretty cool. This is wonderful work, my friends at Cadillac.

I love my 90 Brougham 350 more than any other car I've ever seen, but I really like what you've been doing. It's not easy to totally change a brand like you have. I know I was hoping the LS7 would find its way into one of the new V's. I understand why the STS-V doesn't have one. The flagship Cadillac finally has a Cadillac engine again, not an LT-1 or L05. Again, the right move.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next few years to see what Cadillac brings. I think the ULS will truly be something special to behold, especially if a V-12 Cadillac engine or something of that nature is powering it. I know that Cadillac can't go from what it was to #1 overnight. I know that it will take years for you at Cadillac to do it, but you have the potential, and you're already beginning the process strongly. I have faith that within the next decade, Cadillac will become the Standard of the World again. All the work that's gone into the past few years is and will pay off. Creating the V family was something I never thought I'd see, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.

The past few years have been hard on the American auto industry, yet Cadillac has still grown extraordinarily. When I got to finally digest my first CTS-V top to bottom, I knew it wasn't the Cadillac of the past 30 years, it was the beginning of Cadillac for the next 30. Thank you for all you've done and are doing. I believe that you're on the right path, and, while mistakes and things are made, you're ultimately doing a fine job of getting Cadillac back to where it rightfully belongs, on top.

Keep that build quality up, keep those designs sharp, keep those interiors inviting and loaded with wood! Keep those RWD coming. Keep high-powered engines coming. You're doing a great job. Stepping back and taking a look, I know great things are coming, even though we whine and moan here at Cadillacforums.com. I don't know if anyone who works for Cadillac will ever see or read this, but the thought is there. But you've got one driver of a 1990 Brougham who thinks you're doing great, loves what he sees, and hopes you'll keep it up. Standard of the World, my Cadillac friends, Standard of the World.

Brian Lundquist
1990 Light Antelope Cadillac Brougham 350 TBI

12-07-05, 11:00 PM
Nicely put Brian! :thumbsup:

I agree with what he said, especially the part about keeping RWD, and please, build the ULS, and name it "Brougham", and make it with an available V-10 or V-12 to show the germans and english that we too can compete!

Chad Rawson "Chadillac"
1992 Cadillac Sedan deVille

10-18-06, 08:49 PM

I really don't want to start an ugly bashing of each other's viewpoints, but I'd appreciate a little debate on some of what you've said. You obviously spent considerable time thinking through your thoughts, and they were well written and thought provoking. You are right: 1) Cadillac has re-invented itself in a very tough market, and they did it relatively quickly. 2) The American car industry is hurting terribly these days. 3) A new market has been carved out for Cadillac that thinks Cadillac is cool and sporty. 4) This seemingly is the direction Cadillac is taking for the next 30 years.

My issue is that Cadillac has been "the standard of the world" since the early 1900's for offering luxurious, finely appointed, prestige automobiles that were well built. What seemingly has happened, in my opinion, is that Cadillac has completely thrown this image and their former target market completely out the window. Today's Cadillac is almost as ugly a car as I have ever had to stomach looking at--save for the Honda Element, Pontiac Aztek, and the Scion "box on wheels" just to name a few. Now, Cadillac ONLY markets to those who want fast "look-alike" sports cars or ridiculous supersized SUV's. Nothing they do anymore appeals to the market that brought them where they are today. I can't imagine an older couple enjoying listening to head banging Led Zeppelin in a tv ad where a Cadillac burns rubber around a parking garage, and saying "there's our next luxury automobile, dear." Just for clarification here--I enjoy good rock-n-roll, and the Zeppelin has cranked out their share of classic rock, AND, I love fast cars and smokin' the tires here and there--just not in a Cadillac.

Having said that, I completely understand that if you don't respond to a changing market, the company will ultimately die out. And I have to respect the fact that they did something other than scratch their collective rear ends and wonder why no one is buying their cars anymore. BUT, why not ALSO still appeal to the segment of the population that still thinks of Cadillac as a glorious prestige automobile--even if just for one vehicle in their line-up?? A rear wheel drive, long wheelbase, with a classic Cadillac body with a real name, (not an alphabet soup name) would fit the bill.

I think they'd "hit one out of the park," if they'd do it. Especially now that the baby boomers (I'm one of 'em, at 45) are beggin' Detroit for retro vehicles (the Mustang, the soon-to-be Camaro, the possible new Challenger, etc). As it stands now, the newest Cadillac I'd even consider buying is a '99 Deville. Cadillac has completely lost my interest when I go new car shopping, and that's sad, in my opinion.

I'd be interested in your response...

10-19-06, 02:09 PM

I'm waiting myself for the ULS to be unveiled. The return of a full-size RWD Caddy, whether it's called a Fleetwood, FTS, ULS, whatever, I don't care. I agree with you that Cadillac is lacking a King of the Mountain. Cadillac has nothing to compete with a 760Li or an S600, and it is hurting them, but I honestly believe Cadillac will bring back a vehicle to fill the shoes the 96 Fleetwood left.

Now, obviously looks and styling are subjective, so it's alright you don't like the way new Caddies look. It took me a little while to warm to it when the CTS first showed up, but I quite like the way Caddies look now. I think the Art and Science theme is a great way to compete against the boring curves MB, BMW, and the Japanese are all beating to death these days. However, you're right about one thing, with the baby boomers now starting to enter retirement, the 50+ and 60+ age groups are going to explode and if there's no Cadillac they'd want to drive, Cadillac has then lost the game. So I agree the full-sized RWD king needs to return and take its rightful place at the top of the heap. It doesn't need to be more technologically advanced than any other model, the Fleetwoods never were anyways. It just needs to be there, available for purchase.

10-19-06, 07:05 PM
Ok, I guess I'll have to check out the ULS. Maybe there's a post or two about it in another forum here. Hopefully, the ULS doesn't stand for "Ugly Luxury Sedan," but the the alphabet soup name would leave one to think thats' what it may stand for.... :D

Anyway, good comments. At least we both have distinguished taste in our personal vehicles, and have chosen the Brougham as our prestige automobile of choice. :)


10-20-06, 08:39 AM
Good posts in here. 5 Star rating.