: P0300 Vote!

12-07-05, 02:49 PM
Let me know guys when u got p0300 code what was
solution to help you out?

How many change plugs and wires?
Fuel pump?

And what solve problem?

12-07-05, 05:17 PM
Wires where my problem but changed plugs first to no avail. Having said that, I did not get a P0300 code til I induced it by brake torqueing and holding it at 2000 RPM. It started out with a chuggle that I was trying to diagnose.

12-07-05, 07:48 PM
Coils, left bank.


12-08-05, 08:48 AM
How you came this solution?

12-08-05, 10:09 AM
How you came this solution?

The dealer plugged in the Tech2 and found that 3 of the 4 cylinders on that side were misfiring. They replaced the coil pack and that fixed it. I replaced the plugs first and cleaned up the connections on the coils but when that didn't help it really didn't leave much else.


12-10-05, 12:04 AM
I have it now I will let ya know Wed. as to what it was. Im taking it to the shop

12-10-05, 05:18 PM
First time it was wires.
2nd time it was the ignition coil #2
3rd time it was ignition coil #3

12-11-05, 02:48 AM
I have got codes from O2 sensors, misfire. Cadi stalling, hard to start, sometimes no enought power, fuel consumption high. It was hard to know
what is problem but now finally I got p0108 MAP sensor error code.
All those problem make sense that there is problem with MAP sensor.
Because it affect inginition timing, fuel delivery etc...