: 3 questions regarding the timesert job

12-06-05, 07:28 PM
hey, finally getting to my timesert job (i've been reaaally busy lately), and i have a few questions:

1: crap is falling down into the coolant passages, and i'm wondering what the best way to get it out would be? there's coolant in there too currently, around the combustion chambers.

2: when i place the jig on the block and line up my hole with the bushing and alignment pin, i can only get one other hole lined up with the jig to bolt the thing down with. i assumed all 3 would line up with holes, am i doing something wrong maybe?

3: how does the procedure go for the two holes (per side) that go down into the head alignment pegs?

if it matters, it's a first repair and i'm doing it on a 1994 4.6 Northstar.


99 NS
12-06-05, 09:56 PM
I covered up all openings with rags and a blanket.

Try flipping the jig over and turning it around. It should line up with all four holes.

You will have to remove the alignment pins and replace them to time sert those holes.

12-07-05, 09:24 AM
1)You can tape over the block openings.
We used a shop vac. One guy keeps the tip near the drill bit to suck up the chips. A small tip works better to maximize the suction. A few still get away so you need to cover the top of the block even if you use the vac, The good thing about the vac was most of the mess was already cleaned up.

2) Just as 99NS said.

3)Remove the alignment pegs. Cut through as far as possible and you should be able to get them out. They are a pain.

12-07-05, 02:30 PM
hold on - cut the alignment pegs off? as in get rid of em altogether? no more alignment pegs?

haha i mean it's fine by me, just wanna make sure that's what youre sayin, nothing a hacksaw and a file can't handle i guess.

12-07-05, 05:14 PM
I believe you have to pull them and then replace them later.

12-07-05, 09:08 PM
You do replace them. We could not get them out without destroying them. The dealer has new ones that he's like to sell you.