View Full Version : Heat, idle, and recalls

12-06-05, 12:11 AM
I see that heating problems are common with Catera's. I have heat on the driver and not the passenger. When I adjust the temp i hear this clicking noise that sound like it's behind the dash. I guest its the actuator? Is this something easy to replace? Also while i am in park, my car idles high and then drops down under 1000 RPM. It's very inconsistant? What could be the problem? Are there any recalls for the most common problems with the catera?:helpless:

12-06-05, 01:10 AM
The actuator in the passenger side, most of the time, doesn't need replacement. If you are hearing that noise, then it's the gear of the actuator slipping. All you have to do is re-seat the actuator. The reason they slip is because the two holes that holds the actuator in place are oval, i guess to make room for some adjustment. In time, the screws will get loose a bit or the actuator will slide a bit. Re-seating the actuator and re-tightening the screws will solve the problem. In my experience, it would be better to replace the screw with a slightly bigger one just to have a good bite. Because it could get to a point that no matter how much you tighten, it's just not tight enough. By the way, the actuator for the passenger side is on the left hand side of the foot well at the base of the pillar in the middle of the dash. You will have to remove the cover from the bottom of the glove compartment to expose and actually see it. It's covered with a pear shaped plastic that can be popped off using a flat head screw driver or by just pulling it off. Good luck. Regarding your idle issue, normally, the Catera idles at 500 or a little below that when warm. If you are idling at 1000, that's too high. Either you car is not warmed enough or you got some problems with the sensors making your car idle high to keep it running. See if the Check Engine light is on or more so, check if the bulb that illuminates the Check Engine light is busted. Bring the car to Autozone and have it scanned for codes.