: After 2 days driving and 2,300 miles....thoughts

12-04-05, 11:55 AM
I arrived home last night at 2:00 a.m. :yawn: :yawn: from Ohio after flying out to pick up my new "V"!!! I found a 05' platinum/ebony with 2,250 miles on it for 36k.
What can I say...... what a nice balance of handling power and comfort. I avg'd 23.4 mpg all the way home at a steady 75-80mph. I can live with that from a 3,800 lb car. When I got out of the car last night, I was hit with a sudden thought..... no back pain!!!! I usually buy out of state and end up driving back like this and my back is always wrecked after the long drive. Fresh as a daisy. Navi is way cool..... and a good sound system.

It was funny, I dropped the seller of to pick up his new car, 06 R/T Charger, I felt like the fox in the hen house, same money for both cars and I drove away in the V. The Dodge saleman looked at him like he was CRAZY!!:bighead:

I have to wash this thing and take my better half for a spin!!

12-04-05, 12:08 PM
Congrats on the purchase. It is truly a great road car. I was on the NJ Turnpike this week and rolled up next to a new black Charger R/T. I kinda like the looks of the car, but it is no V.

I just wish I had gotten the deal you got. What a steal!:worship:


12-04-05, 03:14 PM
The Charger looks unfinished from any angle. I never really warmed to the looks of that car. The STR-8 only makes it worse with the boy racer snorkle and wing.

The CTS-V is a gentlemen's car. Quietly getting it done with as few add-ons as possible. :thumbsup: And I agree with the fox in the hen house.