: To V or not to V?

12-03-05, 03:13 PM
I have a 2004 CTS that I really like. I didn't get a V primarily because I wanted an automatic. (I have a 911 for when I feel the need.) But, I have been reading here since September 2004 and have the bug even without the car and am really starting to think that maybe I should sell the CTS and get the V. To help in my decision process, I thought I would ask you guys a few questions. Here we go...

I live in Atlanta, which is known for its traffic. I have a 6 mile/25 minute commute in the morning. Plus, I spend a part of my day driving around town (non-highway). Will this car be a pain in the a$$?

As there are at least a few mods I would consider (and I don't even have the friggin car yet!!) does anyone know if there is a mod-friendly dealership in Atlanta?

I know that people tend to complain much more often than they compliment....so with all the problems that the car has, is there anyone that wouldn't buy it again if they knew then what they know now?

And if I decide to buy used, is there any difference between and 04 and an 05?


12-03-05, 03:38 PM
At MSRP, the V gives you more excitement than any sedan within $30K north of that price. Even better is the fact that there are some staggering bargains to be had on 04s and 05s that make the car impossible to pass up.

The V has enough torque that you can put the car in second gear in heavy traffic and creep along comfortably without shifting, but obviously the clutch will be a bit of a pain in rush hour traffic as opposed to an automatic. I don't find it to be a problem. However, the fun that you will have on the open roads will far surpass any rush hour inconvenience. You will be looking for excuses to get in the car and drive somewhere.

If you have the boy-racer driving style of John Force, you will find the wheel hop to be a problem. For most people, that will not be a serious concern although Cadillac should have fixed the issue before now.

The biggest problem is finding a good dealer in your area who understands the V and the enthusiasts who buy them. Many dealers are beyond awful and are incapable of fixing the simplist things or dealing with mods. Most people who get rid of their Vs have done so because of poor service and shabby after-sale treatment by dealers. A good service department can make a world of difference.

Other than the integrated OnStar/XM Radio antenna on the 05, I am not aware of any differences except that there may be slightly different computer programming. I may be wrong.

Good luck.


Dave's V
12-03-05, 06:41 PM
If you have joint or leg problems I wouldn't recommend the V. I had to sell mine because of a hip problem. I may own one again but right now I need two daily drivers. The V in heavy city traffic is not a good one.

The resale value is pitiful so be prepared to lose money if you sell it within a couple years. It doesn't matter if it is money owed to the bank or your cash deposit. You will lose money.

Any mod friendly dealership can turn their back on you as they please, especially when Cadillac won't pay their bill.

I still loved my V but I had to think of my health.

12-03-05, 07:31 PM
Thinking of the mods before you even get it huh?


Go drive one and then try to convince yourself you don't want it.:lildevil:

12-04-05, 09:48 AM
Thanks for the replies. Heavy, that is exactly why I haven't driven one yet!!!

12-04-05, 12:13 PM
I've had many, many days in the dealer service department. Sometimes they're frustrating as all hell - but in reality - with the serious amount of mods I have to my V - I still haven't been denied warranty on anything.

To date I've had:
3 sun visor replacements
1 sun roof replacement
3 diff replacements
1 accident
3 center console/arm rest replacements
1 clutch, pressure plate, and master/slave cylinder replacement (TSB related)
All of the various of TSB's and recalls
and a bunch of stuff I've forgotten along the way.

I'd buy it again, but probably wouldn't mod it as extensively as I have thus far. I drive a 30 minute, 12 mile commute 3 days a week, much of it in 2nd gear (starting in 2nd gear) and a similar commute the other 2 days (without kid(s) in tow) in half the time, again starting in 2nd gear. No health problems that would bother me - but sometimes I do get tired of the shifting when traffic is heavy.

Heavy has the best answer though. Go drive one. Odds are you'll find the car is not for you, and your decision will be easier than you ever imagined :lies:

12-04-05, 03:20 PM
I echo WW. Dealership experiences vary wildly but even with the many (28) days out of service I still can't wait to get behind the wheel. Trudging around in traffic sucks and is not at all what the V was intended to do. The clutch effort is no worse than any other I've experienced so that isn't an issue. Pure happiness is when you get to stretch her legs. Power and handling by the loads.

12-04-05, 05:04 PM
Again, thanks for the replies. Does anyone have any good dealership experiences to relate with any Atlanta dealerships? The one where I bought my CTS (who actually didn't have it and lost 2 dealer trades before they got to me and I had to buy it again elsewhere) doesn't strike me as one that will be "V Friendly" or even customer friendley for that matter. Judging by some of your experiences here, I think it could be a mistake to purchase a V without knowing that I would have a dealer close by that would at least know a little more than me!!

12-04-05, 05:09 PM
If you have the boy-racer driving style of John Force, you will find the wheel hop to be a problem. For most people, that will not be a serious concern although Cadillac should have fixed the issue before now.

I agree with everything said, EXPECT the fact that you continue to bring up wheel-hop being a problem, "if you have the boy-racer driving style of John Force." Dirt, wet, etc. ALSO cause the problem to occur often. I have experienced it and I can ASSURE you that I do NOT launch my V hard.