View Full Version : 1998 Catera Heating problem. please help

12-02-05, 03:25 PM
I have a 98 Catera and the problem that i have is when i turn on the heat it blows cold air on the driver side and the back but the passanger side it blows normal heat air. Also the heat on the two front seats isn't working. I took it to the Cadillac Service and this is what they said it was and wanted to charge me for this much.

Vehicle needs driver side actuator estimate for the repair of $330. this is for the heating to work on the driver side and back.

Vehicle needs driver and passanger heat element along with the pass back element for the repair of $805.

This for me sounded a lil bit 2 much and i didn't get it fixed. Also The light on the car when i open the doors doesn't turn on. They actually wanted $275 to fix that and said the problem is it needs multifuntion module.

To me all this sounds just a lil bit too much. I would understand if the heat didn't work at all but half of the car is giving heat and half of it it's not


02-20-06, 08:53 PM
hi, i do have the same problem as yours i wonder if you ever get it fix and what was the problem? thank you!!!

02-22-06, 01:27 PM
The part you need is $79.89 at Rockauto.com. It is not real fun to get to but can be replaced by the average shadetree mechanic.
I had the same problem but mine was on the passenger side.

Seems wierd that both seat heaters quit. Check your fuses.

No help on the interior lights. Will the lights turn on if you pull out the headlight switch?