: Meet Kitty.

11-30-05, 02:17 AM
This was one of the things I got to keep when my ex moved out six or so months ago. Yea, that's him in a good mood. The little bastard is a great cat, but sometimes he's rather feisty...and he learned a year ago how to turn on the touchlamps in my room, next to the bed. He's even learned how to turn them on HIGH by touching his nose to the metal frame THREE times, instead of just once. Six am, he's there, waking me up because he's hungry. At six thirty, he's there, waking me up again because he wants to be let out. She's gone, but the damned cat still tells me what to do! :)
The other day, I was here, on CF, and he felt the need to dangle himself from my forearm, so he leapt up, wrapped his paws around my wrist, and just looked at me as he hung a foot from the ground. Great cat, as I said, he never uses claws and only bites hard enough to hold on when we're playing, and he's only ever gone to the bathroom in the house when he's sick or gets locked inside, but sometimes he is a real bastard. :D

11-30-05, 07:52 AM
Here's a dead Kitty! Give you ideas?:sneaky:


11-30-05, 07:54 AM
This cat is way less of a hassle, if you're interested I'll put in a good word for you.

11-30-05, 08:40 AM
Have you seen "Dead Earl" the cat you can buy and comes with a Death Certificate.


11-30-05, 11:10 AM
Nah, I like my kitty...he's just a mean SOB sometimes.

11-30-05, 04:19 PM
Nah, I like my kitty...he's just a mean SOB sometimes.Maybe he thinks he's the Alpha male. You got to teach him who's boss if he hasn't done that already! :cool2:

11-30-05, 10:00 PM
i got a "splat that cat" some years ago somewhere ......